March Challenge: Silhouettes… Entry #5 Mavros

This entry is from our birthday girl, Tess.
Let me have her tell you about it in her own words…

“As usual when the monthly challenge was first announced, I started a lot of experiment but came back to this few months old picture.

So meet our Labrador/Pitbull mix Mavros. Mavros means black in Greek, of which I asked my mother-in-law the name. We adopted him when we lost our other rescue dog Moko who was run over by a truck which broke our hearts and still does today. The sister of Moko, Mika who is rotten and spoiled was so lonely like us and we were looking for a companion for her six years ago. During that time when my husband was looking for a rescue dog, there was a lady who was about to turn in Mavros to a kill pound of which she found Mavros walking in a golf course. My husband asked him if he wanted to come with him, then he jumped to the passenger side of his truck and leaned his face on my husband’s lap, then the rest was history.
Mavros is 113 lbs, but thinks he is a lap dog. He is very hyperactive, smart and so sweet and of course loves photography. LOL!”

(Photo by Tess)


8 thoughts on “March Challenge: Silhouettes… Entry #5 Mavros

  1. This is so cute with the sun lighting up his nose! Well done Tess!

    I am a sucker for dog stories and I am so thankful that Mavros found a good home. Rescue dogs are the best and you are saving a life at the same time. Bravo to you and Nick for all the love you give your animals! They really are family and so very special.

    • Thanks Lala. Yes, they are part of the family. We are so lucky to have all of the three rescue doggies that we have turned up to be very good dogs. I can’t imagine losing them as Hunter, our bland broad headed Labrador is almost there. It will break our hearts.

  2. I love dogs too!!
    So nice to hear dog adoption stories!
    Interesting shot with the sunlight on his nose. Did you take multiply shots of this image? I love how you can faintly see his collar and tag! Good job Tess!
    Hope your birthday was a success!

    • Thanks Donna. Fortunately, I was not in a multiple shots when I took this. He was so calm and tired I guess from the whole day of play.
      Thanks again for the birthday greetings. It was a blast.

  3. Tess,
    Very nice! What a wonderful friend Mavros must be! He is quite the model as well! I hoped he got an extra good treat for this one! Very sweet story about Mavros as well! Like the details of his hair highlighted by the sun! Good photographer and doggie!

    • Lorraine,
      Thanks a lot for the nice comments. Yes, he had extra treat for posing for me even though the vet told me to put them all on a diet. LOL.

  4. Tess,

    Great job. We love dogs too. So proud of you and Nick for rescuing the precious dogs. Our kids accuse us of loving our Sienna more than them. Lol. The picture looks good with the light shining off his nose.

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