Happy Birthday Tess!

March 28… we interrupt this challenge to wish “Tess the Mess” a very happy birthday!

Tess was the first member of the club as we put our heads together to see if such a club would be of interest to some of the staff we worked with, and she was instrumental in encouraging people to join as she was still working at the hospital and by then I had retired.

For those of you who do not know Tess… I can tell you she is a bundle of energy, loves to laugh and have fun, has been quick to learn photography as well as her camera and loves to share her knowledge as she picks up new bits of information and learns photoshop. And once she learned some photoshop basics… I knew she could not be trusted. Like the time she sent me a photo of her dogs at the Dallas Arboretum. My first response was… “Wait a minute. I’ve never seen dogs there! My little black pug Mollie Sue would like to go smell the flowers!” And then I realized she had been up to no good and photoshopped her dogs in the picture.

Tess has a good eye and sees things that I simply overlook. We love to shoot together, except for the time we were both eaten alive by chiggers.

Yes… lots of funny stories! Thanks Tess for doing all that you do for the CWPC and for being such a good friend. Happy Birthday to ya!

Happy Birthday Tess! (Photo by Lala)

Happy Birthday Tess!
(Photo by Lala)


16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tess!

  1. Happy Birthday, Tess! And congratulations on surviving another year with Fay. LOL Fay, nice spread on this birth announcement.

      • Lala,
        Thanks a lot for everything. I love what you did to my picture with the pastel pink flower and B&W effect. You are very talented crazy woman. Thanks for the patience and introducing photography to me, I will appreciate it for life.
        As Rebekah mentioned above, yes I survived another year with you, and let me add on to that, I survived “INTACT”. LMAO. I will never forget all the fun and PAIN we shared together. From the chigger bites to the DUCK butt and finger attack, but still we are intact. LMAO.
        Again thank you so much Lala. You are the best mentor and a true friend.

  2. Oh Tess… you always make me laugh. We fortunately survived (nearly intact )after the duck butt bite and the finger bite. Going out with you is always such an adventure. We don’t have to go far to have a good time and come home with some interesting photos!

    BTW… Lucy wishes you a happy birthday too!

  3. Happy birthday Tess. I miss you so much and can’t wait to see you on April 4. I agree with you. I love your B&W picture and the pink flowers. Good job Fay. Hope you have a great day

  4. Tess,
    Happy Birthday!!!! Did you get a present from B&H photo? (Ha Ha) Thanks for all your help with recruiting for the CWPC! I really appreciated you pushing me to give it a try!!!

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