March Challenge: Silhouettes… Entry #4 Best Friends

What a wonderful surprise to get this entry from Lily. I know she has been so busy with her photography exhibit. It is always nice to have her join us!

And this is what Lily says…
“This is my silhouette photo. I took it last year when I went to the bluebonnet “photo-hunting”. It was almost sunset. The color of the sky was amazing.
While I tried to make a few shots, two kids came and started to play with the rocks. So suddenly and absolutely unintentionally, I got two models going with my sunset picture. They didn’t even notice me making photos.

Sorry that I became a silent member of your group. Maybe one of these days…
You’re a wonderful group of people. Keep making the photos!
My best wishes to all of you… Lily”

Best Friends (Photo by Lily)

Best Friends
(Photo by Lily)

7 thoughts on “March Challenge: Silhouettes… Entry #4 Best Friends

  1. I love your photo!
    Especially that it happened by chance!
    Great entry! I love shooting sunsets maybe one day I will be lucky enough to acquire models!

  2. Lily,
    Very nice! I really like how you framed this with the kids under the canopy of the tree branches. Hope to meet you some day.

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