March Challenge: Silhouettes… Entry #2 Rooftop Treasure

This next entry is from Donna, and for those of you who don’t know… Donna has a great fondness for old things! (And thank you Donna for being my friend!)

This is what she shares about her photo:

“Today I got off work a little early, and decided to head out around town to find something fun to silhouette. I already had a tree prepared but wanted to find something a bit more interesting. I shot a few church steeples, flowers, gates and happened upon this in downtown Rockwall. As I was shooting the weather vane atop a garage, the homeowner pulled up into the driveway. Needless to say an older woman rolled down her window, gave me a strange look, so I explained I was shooting the weather vane for a photography club and that I enjoyed shooting old things. She was quite pleased and proceeded to tell me how the weather vane was broken during a recent storm and told me I might get a better picture if I went into the backyard! She also invited me back to her home to shoot the old bench and other antiques in her backyard. I might just have to take her up on that! I love how this club has allowed friendships all around!”

(Photo by Donna)

Rooftop Treasure
(Photo by Donna)


8 thoughts on “March Challenge: Silhouettes… Entry #2 Rooftop Treasure

  1. Weather vanes are perfect subjects for silhouettes and I like how you did this. By including the roof it emphasized the story of how you came to get this shot and your depth of field is excellent. The weather vane is in sharp focus yet the limbs in the background are out of focus. Had they been in focus, I think that would have competed with your image but when out of focus they make for an interesting background emphasizing place.

    • Thanks Fay for the comment, I appreciate You!
      I have truly learned so much from the monthly challenges and find myself looking forward to the next! I really enjoyed getting out and shooting the different subjects to see what would silhouette the best!

  2. You captured this weather vane perfectly. I love the grey sky and tree limbs as a canvas. It reminds me of ‘The Wizard of Oz”.

  3. Donna,
    Good idea for a silhouette! I really like how the tree’s in background nicely frame the weather vane. Sounds like you had some pleasant surprises when you took this shot. How nice of the lady offering access to her backyard for a better view and her inviting you to come back to see some of her antiques! Nice job with this challenge!!

    • Thanks for your comment, it was fun stumbling on the weather vane, I drove past it initally and made a uturn at next possible intersection. The homeowner was very nice I think she might have invited me in for coffee if I stayed long enough! 😉

  4. Donna,
    This a stellar. Like Robin this picture reminds me of The Wizard of Oz. I also feel like I’m watching an old western movies. I love this so much.
    The woman was so kind enough to let you in her yard.
    Yes, it’s so amazing how this club introduced us to lots of learning opportunities and meeting new friends.
    Keep up your good job.

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