Having fun with your photos…

Sometimes we can get way too serious about our photography and need to step back and have fun with the shots we take. How many of us will have the stature of an Ansel Adams in today’s photography world? Not many! That does not mean we can’t work on improving our photography while having fun at the same time.

I like to pass on fun sites that you can play with.
The first is Photofunia where I have transformed your photos with no photoshop involved… as in easy… and FREE!

The second is Walgreens… you know, the one down on the corner that is probably close to where you live. Periodically they will have specials to entice people to upload their photos to the site. OK, so I am a sucker for a good deal or a fun deal. Actually when I need a 4×6 print or an enlargement, I can have it in my hands within an hour’s time for the most part. Easy and convenient.

And when they offer a FREE print, I am on it! Absolutely FREE! No tax or anything. FREE!!! This is time to have fun with your photos and, of course, they will hope that you will return for reprints or other services and will put you on their e-mail list for future specials.

So here are photos showing two of my recent freebies.
First is a little book that I carry with me about, who else, but my “special friend” Lucy! For a 20 page book, it was FREE plus $2.99 shipping. Now if you wanted more than 20 pages, then it would cost more. This was only available by mail, thus the shipping charge. Believe me, I have gotten my $2.99 worth of laughs from this book! I pulled it out the other day to share with a drag queen that I ran into on a meetup with the Capture Dallas photogs at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas and my photo friend Nathan Tew caught a photo of this crazy encounter… and you know I like “CrAzY”!

Having Fun with Photography (Photo by Nathan Tew)

Having Fun with Photography
(Photo by Nathan Tew)

I met Nathan when I was shooting at White Rock Lake and encouraged him to join Capture Dallas. Little did I know what a fantastic photographer he is! I have been in awe of his talent and I love his dog, Tuesday. Check out his work on Capture Dallas (see the right side of the blog for the link to CD under Favorite Photo Sites).

Now the next freebie is this collage, also from Walgreens, and I used a few of the photos that I had transformed with Photofunia of the crazy women and thought it would make a fun collage.

The Crazies (Photo by Lala)

The Crazies
(Photo by Lala)

So get out there crazy women and have fun with your photography!
Make it a part of your everyday life!


11 thoughts on “Having fun with your photos…

  1. Fay,
    Thanks for all the info! I have used the freebie deals at Walgreens and love it!! I am amazed at your 20 page book for free with $2.99 shipping! Wow!! I haven’t been to the photofunia site yet but love all the things I have seen that you did with it!

    I really love how you did my picture with me kinda hidden behind the vase of flowers! I like it back there since I am kinda shy!

    Thanks for all you do Fay! You are such a great resource for all of us and I really appreciate so much how you share this with us!

    • Lorraine… in response to your comment, I do believe I need to re-do your “fun” portrait as I am noticing that you are definitely coming out from behind the flowers and branches… as a matter of fact, you are sawing down the branches one by one! What a crazy woman!

      • Fay,
        You are too funny! Can I at least have a branch or two??? I need a security branch at least! (Ha Ha)

        Thanks to Mike, and his sneekiness, I cannot deny that I have been known to chop down a branch or two when I get really crazy!

  2. I love this Fay so fun!! Thanks for featuring us in your collage!
    I have been getting freebies from Walgreens for years!
    I also get a ton of freebies from Shutterfly!! (www.shutterfly.com) I have made cards, magnets, and photobooks all for free, just for signing up and ordering prints occasionally!
    I did a free photobook 8X8 of my first trip out with CWPC, at the Arboretum, only cost shipping $5.99.
    I’ll put it in my camera bag and share it with ya’ll next time!!

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