February Challenge: Entry #8… Crazy Love

This will be the final entry in our “Love” challenge. I must admit that I had never expected so much diversity as I have seen in this challenge and I find it all quite fascinating as we branch out in different directions to shoot a theme. I “love” how it has made you think and perhaps shoot something you would have otherwise not considered shooting.

Like Tess, I came up with several ideas for the challenge and the final contenders were the one I am submitting or a still life. I decided on this one as it is a bit different and a shot that I stumbled upon quite by accident.

A friend of mine had asked me to shoot a Sweet 16 Birthday Party for a friend of hers. Well… this is not what I do nor am I a professional. Evidently a friend had seen a couple portraits I had done of my friend’s daughters and requested I shoot the party. Once again I stressed that I have limited experience in this but they still wanted me to do it and would pay me money. YIKES! A paying gig. OK, so that convinced me!

The rest of the story… what I thought would be a simple birthday party turned out to be in a hotel ballroom with 150 guests. Now what have I gotten myself into? So… with the help of a trusted photog friend, I set my camera on manual with some preliminary settings, attached the flash in hopes that the ceiling would be low enough to bounce the light, had plenty of spare batteries and set off to shoot the party… as in, shoot lots of photos as someone may blink, turn away, or who knows what.

It was actually great fun to shoot until it came time for dancing. How do I retain the ambient light yet catch the dancers without totally being blurred? Now this is still a bit of a dilemma to me, so at one point I gave up trying and started shooting the lights on the dance floor and that is how I got this image. When I made CD’s for the family, I used this photo with text for the outside of the CD case. And in my mind, it symbolizes their love for her as she matures into a beautiful young woman.

As with anything in photography, there is a big learning curve and shooting this event was one of them, but when I lost 250 edited photos in Lightroom (culled from over 600), I became a CrAzY woman! I could see them but every photo said it was missing! Quick… call 911! Trusted photog to the rescue! I never did figure out how to retrieve the edited images but was able to get the raw images back and re-edit. So at this point, I assume my hourly wage was perhaps 50¢ an hour. Not good.. but I doubt I am the first or last person to learn the hard way. Photography is a lot of trial and error and a sharing of our shortcomings and learning from our mentors.

Crazy Love (Photo by Lala)

Crazy Love
(Photo by Lala)


10 thoughts on “February Challenge: Entry #8… Crazy Love

  1. Lala,

    You might have earned 50¢ an hour, but this picture turned out to be worth a million.

    You are so good with taking pictures of lights. The picture that you submitted before that you took from the lights on a wall was such a great capture too. From now on, I will try to discover images from the lights.

    What can I say but great job as always.

    • Thanks Tess! I suppose the moral of the story is… if you find that something isn’t working… just look for something else to shoot, and you may be surprised at what you find.

  2. Fay,

    I love the vivid colors! The light streaking across the heart makes a real nice effect! I am sure the birthday girl really loved this image and I think to have this on the cover for the CD was a great choice!

    Sounds like such a frustrating thing to go through to have problems with the editing software. Wish we could learn things without having to go through all the frustrations.

    This sounded like a very fast moving event to photograph. I am sure her and her family love the photos!!!

    • Thanks Lorraine. Yes it was fast moving and some things I would have done differently in retrospect, but I was simply trying to capture the essence of it all and photograph all of the guests enjoying the merriment. I hope these photos will be a fond remembrance of that special day in a young girl’s life.

  3. What a pretty shot! I did not expect that as I was reading your story!! Tess is right you have and eye for he light shot! I guess 50 cent an hour is better than nothin!! 😉

  4. Fay, I’m a little behind commenting but wow Abstract!!. The purple, pinks and bits of yellow are beautiful. I really like purple too but not as much as red but the story was great and I know they loved your photos so much. Such a memory

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