February Challenge: Entry #7… Reveal

Tess sends us the next “Love” challenge, so let me share with you what she wrote…

“The first time this love challenge was out, I got something in my mind right away…my dogs, my love. Easy challenge right? Love. As usual I was WRONG. Well I have three huge doggies. I bought some roses, and tried different ways to arrange them with both the flower and at least a dog on a picture but was not satisfied with the result. I tried putting a flower in the mouth of my broad-headed Labrador Hunter (he is the most calm one) but he ended up ripping the beautiful flower. Grrrr!

I gave up the dog idea and tried different subjects from flowers, to mirrors, to sunsets, and to silhouettes but end up frustrated. This is probably the challenge that I had the highest number of pictures and subjects.

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I and our three doggies went to San Antonio. When we looked around for places to visit, we stumbled upon the advertisement about “Aphrodite” the goddess of Love exhibit at the San Antonio Museum of Arts. This exhibit was all about Aphrodite but they just borrowed the exhibit from the Boston Museum of Arts. I was so excited because this is the ultimate “Love” subject. When we were at the door of the special Aphrodite exhibit, the guard told us “no cameras allowed inside”. What? Oh no! This adds up to another frustration.

One day last week, I was thinking of Self Portrait Photography. Huh? Why not? I went back to the flower idea, bought a cheap red lipstick and nail polish, painted my nails and lips then explored Self Portrait Photography. This is even more difficult. I have gotten into a big trouble. SPP is so difficult due to many factors like uncentered pictures, wrong DOF, unfocused, under or over exposed and so many more. I did not give up, tried different positions and end up with this picture.”

“Do not give up… discover, unearth, explore, and REVEAL.”

Reveal (Photo by Tess)

(Photo by Tess)


10 thoughts on “February Challenge: Entry #7… Reveal

  1. You’re right Tess. Self portraits are difficult! I think you did an exemplary job!
    Later in the year we will have a challenge doing a self portrait. It should be a lot of fun.

  2. Great job. Don’t think I would have thought of that. I love the red lipstick. Very nice and very much “love” awesome picture

  3. Tess,
    Wow! All your hard work,patience, and efforts have really paid off! You did a very top notch job with this challenge! You aced it!! Your composition was excellent! It’s very sharp and I love your caption!

    I admire your persistence for perfection!

    You “Revealed” it all right!! Excellent work Tess!!!

  4. Great photo!! I love how your photo is only half of your face, makes the photo even more interesting! “LOVE” it! Have you printed and framed it for you hubby yet??
    Sorry about the Aphrodite!

  5. Tess, that is a beautiful photograph you captured of yourself! You’re definitely becoming a PRO! The colors and the composition absolutely say “Love”! I agree with Donna, you should frame this.

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