February Challenge: Entry #6… Romance by the Lake

OK, so I must admit, I was a little afraid to see what Lorraine had sent me when I read her title… “Romance by the Lake”. We all know how Lorraine goes above and beyond to get her shot, so I am thinking… what has she done now?

“This is my story………….. I had several ideas for this challenge but kept coming back to the idea of finding a carving in a tree or a picnic table that expressed or declared love. I looked around at various trees and picnic tables near the lake before I came across this one that I really liked. Besides having the heart carving, it appealed to me for several reasons.

I like the orientation of the picnic table with the background being the lake. It just seemed like a nice romantic spot to spend some time. Maybe even to enjoy a beautiful sunset. It was an overcast day with a threat of rain. The sun kept peeking out as the clouds kept passing in front of it. After multiple attempts, I learned that by using a certain angle I could really use the light to my advantage. I have to pause and wonder how Mike and Rosa’s romance has turned out!”

So here is the picnic table and carving that Lorraine captured.

Romance by the Lake (Photo by Lorraine)

Romance by the Lake
(Photo by Lorraine)

But wait… there is MORE!

“In case you didn’t know or recognize it, I wanted to send you a picture of where MY picnic table is located. You are welcome to sit and rest at
MY picnic table when you visit YOUR tree!

In all respect, I kept my camera off YOUR tree, so Mike shot this! (Ha! Ha!)”

It seems that husband Mike, from the CWPC men’s auxillary is causing a bit of havoc too!

Lorraine's Table by MY Tree (Photo by Crazy Man Mike)

Lorraine’s Table by MY Tree
(Photo by Crazy Man Mike)

Lorraine goes on to say…
“This picnic table just happened to be the best one I found. The best tree at the lake near the best picnic table.
What more could crazy women want????”


13 thoughts on “February Challenge: Entry #6… Romance by the Lake

  1. Lorraine… I used to think you were such a nice quiet girl and now the truth comes out! You are always up to no good and then drag your crazy husband into it too. You guys always give me a laugh!

    Good eye for finding this. All the times I have been to the lake, I never saw the carving on the table! The angle of the photo and the light on the table sure does bring the carving out.

    • Fay,

      Thanks for your compliments on the image!

      As far as the other comments…..In my defense this is a CRAZY women’s photography club and I am taking full advantage of the crazy part!

      Thank you for allowing us to be crazy and have fun as we learn photography!

    • So, Lorraine says she wants to go to the park to take some photos. I figure I’ll go along. I might take some photos myself. We parked at the north end of the park and I went over to the rocky shoreline nearby to take a few photos. Meanwhile, Lorraine started working her way south, looking over all the trees and picnic tables she came across. I glanced up every once in awhile to see where she was, and I swear, anyone watching would have thought she was the official city tree and table inspector!

      • OMG Mike… you are so funny! I can just picture the scenario. Life is never dull with Lorraine on the prowl! And you know how persistent she can be! Good thing she has you to keep an eye on her. Sometimes crazy women need that, you know!

  2. Great find Lorraine. I knew you would find something interesting for this challenge. I really like the table by the lake. Looks so peacefully and romantic.

    • Debbie,
      Thank you! I was surprised that I found this carving on this table in such a great location. I had looked around at other tables around the lake and its so funny that this one had the best location and was by Fay’s tree!

  3. This is a lovely picture Lorraine, and a GREAT idea!!
    The way you used the light is wonderful and the angles draw you in!
    So nice to see you and Mike have so much fun!
    You were right Fay many different pictures of LOVE!

    • Donna,
      Thank you for your compliments! It’s so interesting and fun to see all the various ideas we come up with for these challenges! Thanks again!

  4. Ok Lorraine,

    I’m so happy that you have too much fun. When I first opened your picture, the first thing that I have noticed was the word “Mike”. I tried to read the second name but unable. I was thinking of “Mike” your husband & I was trying to read the second name using your name as a guide. I thought you have a nickname that starts with “R”. Well forgive me because I don’t usually read instructions or captions. LOL. I know I’m just crazy, and finally gave up the idea and read the story.

    Yes, as Lala said, I thought you are such a naive Lorraine. What happened? Ha ha.

    Your picture is so beautiful. You distributed the lights so perfectly. I don’t know how to do it but wanted to learn.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture, and please stay away from Lala’s tree. LOL

    • Tess,
      Thank you!! In reference to how to use the angle of the light, I just squatted down some and got more level with the table until I picked up the glare reflecting off the table. The table had a green painted finish which also helped me get this sheen on it.

      I got a chuckle reading how you tried to figure out what my nickname may be that started with an “R”. You are too funny!!! I have seen you in action trying to fix something or figure something out and you are sooo good and really go at it! I can just picture how the wheels in your head where spinning trying to figure out my nickname!

      As far as what happened to me… How am I suppose to explain it? I am crazy!!! HaHa

      Don’t worry I will stay away from Fay’s tree!
      HER tree is on the rocky shore line were I am aware snakes like to hide!!!

  5. Lorraine, I too love the way you captured the reflection of the light on the table and also the lake. This is an awesome photo but the most amazing thing is your sense of adventure and the lengths you go to to find the perfect subject for your shots. You have a wonderful imagination when it comes to thinking about what to look for. Your eye for photography never ceases to amaze me!

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