February Challenge: Entry #3… My Favorite Valentine

Grandmothers are special and so are grandchildren, so I thought it would be nice to follow Lily’s entry with Debbie’s entry for the “Love” challenge.

“This is my three year old grandson – Lyndon. He is very active and doesn’t really like having his picture taken so I have to catch him when I can. This picture was taken in our backyard. He was running around the yard and finally stopped with his Valentine pillow in front of our storage building.

I found that with trying to photograph kids, especially ones that don’t want their picture taken, it takes a lot of patience but can be very worthwhile.”

My Valentine (Photo by Debbie)

My Valentine
(Photo by Debbie)


7 thoughts on “February Challenge: Entry #3… My Favorite Valentine

  1. Debbie…
    You have captured his exuberance in this photo… such a cute expression and of course the red door gives a good pop of color also. I like that you cropped above his knees . This could also make a nice vertical shot with just the door in the background.

    I’m sure that this will become a favorite photo, and in years to come, Lyndon will look back fondly on this photo taken by Grandma!

  2. Debbie,

    He is so cute and adorable. Your effort in chasing him was really awarded with this photo. Love the red door and heart also.

    You definitely freeze this beautiful image that you can be proud of. Someday he will look back to this picture and be proud that grandma took this shot.

    Good job Debbie.

  3. What a cutie! I love this photo and all the RED! great ishot Debbie! I like Fay’s idea of the vertical crop, nice job! Thanks for sharing your family!

    • I also agree with Fay. That is all in learning photography with everyone. I think the vertical shot would have been better. Maybe next time. Thanks Donna

  4. Debbie,
    What a handsome little man! Such a nice expression on his face and I like how you captured his pose!

    What a keepsake for his proud grandma! Nice Job Debbie.

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