February Challenge: Entry #2… Innocent Kiss

I was thrilled to hear from Lily as it has been a while since she has entered a challenge. Evidently she has been very busy as she has a photography show coming up.

Next Friday on March 1st there is going to be an Opening Art Night at Creative Art Studio in Denton. Lily is the artist of the month, for March,  and will display about 20 of her photos. Congratulations Lily!
To read more about her exhibit please go to:

Be sure to check out Lily’s website… Lily’s Photo Art, on the right side of the blog under Favorite Photo Sites.

Now… for the “Love” challenge, Lily has entered a very special photo and this is what she says…   “This is a photo of my twins, my grandchildren, Ben and Kate. I took this last year when they were 3 years old.”

Innocent Kiss (Photo by Lily)

Innocent Kiss
(Photo by Lily)


7 thoughts on “February Challenge: Entry #2… Innocent Kiss

  1. Lily…
    This is just adorable and your title is perfect! You have caught the innocence of childhood and the love of a brother and sister. It is so cute that she has her head turned to the side and her eyes closed. I love the bare feet and the bit of polish on her toe nails. And then the lollipop is the “icing on the cake”!

  2. Lily,
    How priceless this image is. You must be a very proud grandma. Your treatment to this picture is perfect. An innocent kiss indeed.

    You are so talented and it is an honor if someday I will finally meet you. I’m your follower at Facebook by the way. I love all your photos and congratulations to your upcoming exhibit, you truly deserve it. The club is so lucky to have a member like you.

  3. Lily,
    Congratulations on being awarded “Artist of the Month” for March! What a honor!

    Your image is precious! I like how you framed it, capturing all the details,including their feet. Her toe polish just adds to this adorable effect. A very nice job of capturing quite a keepsake!

    I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful images!!!

  4. Lily,

    I love taking pictures of my grandchildren. That picture is truly adorable. I like the lollipop and red nail polish but what truly caught my eye when I saw your photo was the red hair bow. Great job

  5. Lily, this is a wonderful shot, I agree with the others! Great colors, grandkids, the added details, thanks for sharing!
    And yes Congrats on “Artist of the Month”!

  6. Thank you! Thank you, ladies, so much! I’m really glad you liked this photo and I’m always happy to participate in the monthly challenges. You are all very talented. My best wishes to you all!

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