February Challenge: Entry #1… Love

The February challenge in my mind was a “no brainer”! Let’s shoot something about love… in hopes that it might get those creative juices flowing. I encouraged y’all to think of a Valentine’s Day card and what it might look like to get some ideas for love and I am pleased with the variety of interpretations.

To kick off this challenge, I would like to begin with one from Linda. Linda is relatively new to the club. I met Linda through a mutual friend, Sheila. Sheila and I have been friends since I moved to Texas, 25 years ago, as she was prominent in the Mesquite Photography Club and has a background in newspaper photography. Sheila has been following along with the CWPC blog and has encouraged Linda to be active in the club.

So we meet for lunch one day and Linda pulls this out of her bag and said this is what she wants to enter in the “love” challenge. Do I think it is appropriate? Heck yeah! I was overwhelmed with excitement. I knew Linda was a poet and was particularly delighted that she has a desire to pair up her writing with her photography!

It was not until I looked at this photo a second time that I realized there was a lizard perched on the flower!  Great find and capture,  Linda!

So I present to you… “Love”.


(Photo and Poem by Linda)


5 thoughts on “February Challenge: Entry #1… Love

  1. Love the picture! With your photographic skills and poetic talent, you could make lots of money in the greeting card business! 😀

  2. Linda,
    I really love the presentation of your image with the poem! I like how the poem is very simple and yet so touching!! I must admit….I don’t know much about poetry. It seems to me that it would take talent to convey such a beautiful message in the manner you did!

    The image is very nice too! Its nicely framed. So beautiful displayed with 2 basic colors!!! I feel it displays a very warm and serene scene. The lizard is such a bonus and really adds to this.

    A unique and wonderfully presented image and poem for the “Love Challenge” Nice job!!!!

  3. Linda,

    You have such a wonderful talent. It takes a special talent to be a poet and to match it with photography is even priceless.

    You captured this picture so beautifully. Very good job. Hope to meet you someday and we can be in one of the photo days. It is so much fun.

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