Who is the culprit here?

Tess and I took a trip to White Rock Lake to try out her 100-400mm lense;however, there was a bit of a mishap. It seems that the geese were getting overly excited about the bread being offered. They were biting at each other as they grabbed for the food and then nearly took off poor Tess’s “dirty” finger, as she calls it… you know, her middle finger!

So she is horrified looking at her bloody finger and I am laughing my butt off! Who knew that geese have teeth? (Well, not really!)
And then the question arises… do we wrap her finger in a bandage and show up in the emergency room where her husband works with “the goose bit my finger” story? He would probably not claim to know these crazy women!

Here ya go... (Photo by Lala)

Here ya go…
(Photo by Lala)

OUCH!  Call 911 (Photo by Lala)

OUCH! Call 911
(Photo by Lala)

Another day I took my special friend Lucy to the lake and thought she too would like to feed the birds. I sat her on a log and gave her a hot dog bun to hold. Due to the wind gusts that day, I put a scarf on her head so her hair would not blow off and float “out to sea”. She sat very still just waiting for the birds to get the bread. Now this is the remarkable thing. Those geese, ducks, and coots would come right up to me and take the bread out of my hand but they were actually a bit afraid of Miss Lucy!! Go figure!

And then once again… another mishap. Lucy fell and broke her wrist! I wanted to take her to the hospital to get it checked but I didn’t think they would have much patience for that!!!

Lucy feeds the water fowl... (Photo by Lala)

Lucy feeds the water fowl…
(Photo by Lala)


7 thoughts on “Who is the culprit here?

  1. You must put these geese with Tess and Lucy in “Friends and Family”! I thought one was picking on another at the water’s edge one time and attempted to “save the day” by interrupting the fight and was bitten after doing so. Then I realized the 2 were mating and decided the bite was deserved. I like your story. Of what material is Lucy made and did she get medical treatment?

    • Hi rebeKah (Rebekah with a “K”) !

      Oh my… no wonder the goose bit you! And it does hurt. One bit my butt and then proceeded to chase after me! YIKES! They can be mean if they want to.

      Yes… Tess and Lucy do belong in “friends and family” on Capture Dallas.

      I’m not exactly sure what Lucy is made of but I can tell you that when I took her out in the snow she had some snowflakes on her face that melted once I brought her in and it caused her make-up to streak. I was panicked that I had ruined her but a little make-up base seemed to make it all better! Whew!

      I’m afraid she still has a broken wrist and I may have to take her to see a doctor. It is a problem. She just doesn’t use that hand much now.

      • Lala,

        Actually it was my husband’s idea that we could have gone to the ER after our “geese attack”. He suggested that we should have demanded for CT or MRI of my finger and your butt with the chief complain of geese bite. Would that be so hilarious if we had gotten to the ER with our big oh lenses and pretended that we don’t know medicine? LMAO. Obviously I have a crazier husband, too bad he cannot join our club.

    • RebeKah,

      Actually I and Lucy are BFF. Lala does not know that we chat at the Internet often. She is bored as she always tells me and needs some….you know…MEN. But please don’t tell this to anybody cause she is a bit of a shy woman. LOL.

      Yes, geese are cute but mean.

  2. Tess,
    You are a certified CRAZY mess!!! (Ha Ha) I love how Fay captured that expression on your face after you got bit! I also noticed how the geese surrounding you just ignored your out cry!! I would give them a bread crumb for their thoughts!!!!

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