“DIY” Donna

Before we start our love challenge, I would like to feature one more crazy woman… Donna. For those who do not know her, Donna loves DIY projects, loves old things and also loves sunsets. She has been doing scrapbooking for quite some time and made necklaces for several of us for our birthdays using photos we had taken. My necklace had an ostrich on it that I had taken at Fossil Rim and she did a great job. Perhaps she would share the site that gives more information on how to do this.


(Thanks to my husband for getting this shot)

Donna is very nostalgic when it comes to old things. When she was looking for something red to shoot for one of our first challenges, she came across this row of antique chairs by a red door and she wondered who had sat in these chairs years ago. I don’t know if a man would think that way, but a crazy woman would.

Chairs (Photo by Donna)

(Photo by Donna)

When the crazies went to the lake to shoot sunset, Donna had such fun, and I do believe that has become one of her favorite things to shoot. Just recently she took a cruise and sent me a sunrise and sunset shot that I would like to share with you.

Galveston Sunrise (Photo by Donna)

Galveston Sunrise
(Photo by Donna)

Gulf Sunset(Photo by Donna)

Gulf Sunset
(Photo by Donna)

Thanks so much Donna!

We look forward to having you join us again real soon on an outing.


3 thoughts on ““DIY” Donna

  1. Donna,

    We miss you so much in the club. Hope school will be over soon.

    I been waiting to see this chair picture and the wait was rewarded with this beautiful picture. I love it so much.

    Your sunrise and sunset pictures are
    so beautiful. Did you used Lala’s technique of “under exposure”?. You captured these images perfectly with the three distinct concept in composing great landscape, your foreground ( the ocean), middle ground ( the sun and it’s reflections), and your background (the sky).

    Your have such an amazing talent, of course I love the necklace that made for Lala and Lorraine.

    Great job as always.

  2. Donna,

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful sunrise and sunset photos! What a great oppurtunity to shoot them over the ocean.

    I like how you caught the sunrise just about to peek over the interesting clouds. With the sunset image, I love how you captured the full sun framed with the surrounding clouds. I also really liked the “softness” of the reflections in the water! Nice!!

    Interesting photo with the chairs! It does make you stop and think whom all may have sat in these chairs! Very nice image!

    I want to thank you again for making my sunflower photo necklace! That was one of my first set of images I took and also a favorite! A nice and meaningful keepsake for sure!!!

  3. Oh ladies, such nice comments I love my pictures and
    so glad you do too!!
    Tess I did not underexpose the pic, I am glad you like the chairs,
    it is one of my favorites! And Lala is right I love shooting the sun, who knew, I find it very challenging!! (Your necklace is on its way!)
    I LOVE the pic of the necklace Fay, oh my it made me gasp!
    Just this weekend I bought more stuff to make necklaces and would love to have everyone over to make their own necklace, maybe we can plan it soon! You are very welcome Lorraine!!

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