Good Eye!

Tess has such a good eye. She will spot things long before I do and sometimes she will see things that I have never seen. Take for example this photo she took at the Dallas Arboretum. As many times as I have been there, I have never looked at this sculpture closely. Well, she not only looked at it but she looked through it. There was an opening and when she looked through the opening, she found that it framed a decorative feature in another garden. I was amazed!

(Photo by Tess)

(Photo by Tess)

She is always sending me photos so it takes a bit to go through all of them.  I may even need to get another external hard drive to hold all the photos! This next one I pointed out to her when we were at the zoo. I liked how the backlighting emphasized the monkey’s hair and she caught it.

Monkey Business (Photo by Tess)

Monkey Business
(Photo by Tess)

Early on, Tess was intrigued by bugs of one kind or another and I think she sends me the creepy spiders just to hear me go “Ewwwwwww!” And now that she has her macro lense, there is no telling what she might be shooting next.

(Photo by Tess)

(Photo by Tess)

Now I could go on and on… and that is the point. Photography becomes an obsession. Always looking for the next shot. Always trying to do better. Always trying to read the light. Always looking to freeze a moment for all to see. One of my all time favorites is this one. It has a special charm and it just makes me smile!

Can you see me now? (Photo by Tess)

Can you see me now?
(Photo by Tess)


7 thoughts on “Good Eye!

  1. Tess,
    You not only have a “good eye” but a very creative one! Your composition is sooo good! I love how you can get some wonderful shots even when you are “monkeying around”! I really like how you captured the “aura” around the monkey and with the way it was posed made its very appealing!

    The image you captured of the statue demonstrates your wonderful creativity and composition skills!

    I love it when you bug us!!! (pun intended) the details you can obtain with macro just amazes me! Another good shot with the wings opened up!!!

    Your image of the goose is very sharp! I love how the details in the feathers and the face are displayed! Very nice Tess!!! Also, it looks like you were in no danger at this moment of getting goosed!!! (Ha Ha)

    I always really enjoy looking at your photos. You amaze me and inspire me!!! I truly miss seeing you at work in the mornings and you showing me your photos! You need to get a pbase site or something like it to share with the world your wonderful photos!!!!!!

  2. Lorraine,

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments. I appreciate it.

    It was by accident at first on how I discovered the statue. We were actually taking pictures of the harp that was built at the arboretum (it was a statue harp). I happened to see through the hole this statue, tried to take a picture and was empresed with the result.

    Million thanks to Lala for teaching me on silhouettes images. Now it’s my new obsession. She really is my true mentor and a good one.

    Now this is another secret of ours. This goose is the cousin of the one who bit Lala’s…you know…butt. It’s a secret ok? I don’t have a picture of the one who bit my right dirty finger. LMAO.

  3. Lala,

    Thank you for posting these photos. I appreciate it a lot. All of these images did not come into existence if it not because of your patience in teaching us.
    I can still remember my frog statue picture at the arboretum, and it would be a year by April that you first taught me on how to freeze the water. It was such wonderful feeling when I finally got it right. It was the moment that starts it all… my love to photography. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

    • Tessie… you learn so quickly and your excitement is infectious! And what fun we have had in the process. You have an eye for photography and you have great patience and persistence to get your shot. Now the only person I can think of who might have a bit more patience and persistence is Crazy Woman Lorraine. But that is another whole story, isn’t it? Mike has his hands full!

      And yes… the frog statue. Lala… kissing the frog! And no… that frog did not turn into a prince!
      I remember it well because you photoshopped it and then gave it to me as a birthday card using your newly acquired PS skills. And I think you might have even photoshopped a few pounds off!
      That’s the best birthday present ever!

  4. I always enjoy the way you see things Tess!! Thanks for posting Fay. I have so enjoyed this club, even though
    I have only made one outing,I am hoping to get more in this year and have fun while learning to take better photos.

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