Where do we go from here?

Just sitting here this morning going through some of our stats. The blog has now been visited by 48 countries and we have 28 members… 3 are virtual members at a distance. We have about 10 members who are actively participating in the club through challenges, commenting, and attending outings and they are definitely learning, laughing and having a good time.

This is my question to the rest of you out there… what can the club do to get you more active? I would personally love to see more participation. It is not necessary to attend outings to be a part of the club. You are free to submit photos for the challenge (and no, this is not a contest… simply a way to get you out shooting things you might not otherwise shoot). And you can shoot with whatever you have, be it a P&S, a cellphone or a 35mm camera. The choice is yours. And you are encouraged to give comments on other members’ photos. This is how we learn. And if you wish to join in on an outing but feel timid because you don’t know anyone… feel free to bring a friend. The more the merrier!

Also… if there are photographic questions that you may have, just e-mail them to me and I can incorporate them into the blog so we can all learn together. Undoubtedly, if you have a question, it will be something that someone else has been wondering about too. And if I don’t know the answer, I will find the answer.

Be sure to check the right side of the blog as I regularly add new information. Hover over each entry to read a little more about it. There’s lots of learning there as well as lots of fun stuff.

For those of you who have been most active, we will soon be putting together our first book about the CWPC and I am hoping that you will be willing to help me in the writing of the book. Your photos as well as funny stories and your bios will be featured. It should be a fun project!

This month’s challenge is “love” and the entries are due by February 20th. E-mail your photo to me resized to 1000 pixels on the long side, or somewhere thereabouts and be sure to include a title and something about your photo.

In the interim, I will feature some of the great shots that the crazy women have been shooting on their own. I love it when you are out there shooting and proud of what you have done. When I see this happen… I know you “get it” and know that photography is becoming a part of your everyday life. Suddenly, you are seeing things you may not have noticed before and wanting to capture the moment.


6 thoughts on “Where do we go from here?

  1. Lala,

    If there is something that I can do to help encourage some of the member, I will do it in a heartbeat. Priority and commitment are the words that describe it all. Sorry to hear these and I feel it too.

    • Thanks Tess! I cannot thank you enough for all your recruiting efforts and it is a kick going out with the crazies and would love for the others to join us in some way when they can.

  2. I’m back from vacation, and almost done with my first class for 2013!
    So hopefully I can spend some time shooting with my CWPC family! Just have to fix the work thing! JK

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