“I Am Ancient!”

“I am ancient!” was how the e-mail began.
This was from my friend Lynda in the UK. I had no idea what she was talking about… after all she is younger than I! And I don’t consider myself ancient quite yet.Evidently she found the following book in a bookstore and to her surprise found her own photo in the book!
Now what are the chances of that happening?

She added… “please note the wording and picture on the cover”.  Yes, I suppose that picture would make you feel a bit ancient but I am sure she did not remember it looking that way!

Aylesbury, A Pictorial History (Photo by Lynda)

Aylesbury, A Pictorial History
(Photo by Lynda)

“Front row, third from the left . . .  is me just before my 6th birthday in  1952.   I was very tall for my age and 5′ 2″  by the time I was nine years old.
I am still that height! and take the same size shoes as I did then – but am  loads wider now :-)))
My open-toed sandals were, in fact, the previous years out grown shoes with the  front part over the toes cut away.   Even then my feet were quite big.”

School PhotoWhere is the girl with the big feet?

School Photo
Where is the girl with the big feet?

I post this because I thought it was quite fun that she stumbled upon her photo in an old book and also because we never know where our photos may end up and how much they will mean to someone else in future years. Take good care of your photos and share them with those who would also enjoy them.

Thank you Lynda for sharing your find… and by the way, we like you just the way you are, crazy woman!

6 thoughts on ““I Am Ancient!”

  1. Lynda,
    What a surprise this must of been! I find things such as this very interesting! I bet it brought back some memories! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Lynda,

    This is such a wonderful find. Yes, we never know where our pictures will end up, but this one is exceptionally amazing. What are the odds of seeing yourself in an old book, in a picture that you might never remember when it was taken until you found the photo again. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies and yes it was a surprise to find my picture in the book and rather sad in a way in that the school was demolished a few years ago. From what I recall it was built in the early 1900s and part was used for WW1 soldiers to recover from their injuries.
    Lady on the right is Miss Penn, head mistress and the one on the far left is Mrs Harrison my teacher.
    There were 9 of us with my name in the class – I was the youngest and only one spelled with a ‘y’.

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