More Critters at the DWA…

As of today, 47 countries have visited this blog and have seen your work and hopefully have laughed along with the crazy women!

So in front of the world, I must make an apology to Tessie. I accidentally posted the wrong photo! YIKES! OH NO! In the post of her waterfall, I mistakenly posted the wrong shot. I kept going back and looking at it and thinking to myself that it didn’t seem right, and today I realized my screw up. I do hope you will go back and see the best waterfall photo of the day. Tess… you better keep an eye on Lala! No telling what I will be posting next. I suppose that is evidence of my being a bit crazy!

Today we return to the Dallas World Aquarium to see more of your captures from this unique venue. Tess had her long lense on to capture this funny little monkey. The monkeys scampered up and down the trees, sometimes hiding in the foliage but Tess was patient and was awarded this shot.

Gotcha! (Photo by Tess)

(Photo by Tess)

Debbie was fascinated by this lizard and got the best shot of him.

Lizard(Photo by Debbie)

(Photo by Debbie)

And flying all around us were these birds. They were obviously not afraid of people and would be in your face, causing you to step back to get them into focus.

Here I am! (Photo by Debbie)

Here I am!
(Photo by Debbie)

Tess captured this fat green frog and everytime I look at him, I laugh.

Fat, Green and Beautiful (Photo by Tess)

Fat, Green and Beautiful
(Photo by Tess)

And Lorraine found this penguin to be quite handsome in his black and white suit!

Mr. Penguin (Photo by Lorraine)

Mr. Penguin
(Photo by Lorraine)

8 thoughts on “More Critters at the DWA…

  1. It is so amazing to know that we were in the same place but end up with a variety of different photos.

    Debbie’s lizard is so beautiful. Was it why we lost you again “Abstract”? Good job Debbie.

    Lorraine, your Mr. Penguin is so beautiful and so tack-sharp. I have not seen this fella, or maybe I did but did not have your vision. You always come out with something beautiful.

  2. Tess,
    I love your shot with the monkey sticking his tongue out! I have noticed something… consistently seem to have a knack for obtaining animals in the most interesting ways! If you pursued nature photography , I could one day see your name on a photo in the National Geographic Magazine! The colors in the image of your fat green frog are so vibrant and with the light reflecting off of it it makes it so shiny!

    • Lorraine,

      That is a big of a compliment. Thank you so much, I am so honored although I believe that I still need a whole lot of practice. But you are right with wild life photography. I’m leaning towards that genre, it’s probably because of my love of animals. I am so humbled by your words. Again thank you.

  3. Debbie,
    I really like your image of the bird! You did well with the depth of field. I had tried several times to get a decent shot of this fellow but failed miserably each time. I also really like how you captured the texture of this colorful lizard! Its was quite a challenge for us to shoot in this environment, but what a great place to enjoy and learn!

  4. Lala,
    I did thought that I sent you the other picture which looks exactly identical to the last picture that you posted, that is why I did not question that picture at all. LOL.
    You don’t have to apologize Lala, Tess is also as confused as you.

  5. Lorraine and Tess,

    Your pictures are so awesome. The colors are beautiful. Thank you for your comments on mine but not as good as I would have liked. It was such a great experience and lots of fun

  6. Great job on theses photos!!
    Debbie your lizard is stunning if a lizard can be stunning??
    Tess love the colors on the Frog!! Great shot!
    Lorraine the penguin looks so animated, great job capturing his expression! (Penguins are my favorite at the zoo)!

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