The Dallas World Aquarium

Lorraine, Carol, Lala, Debbie, Kristen, and Courtney in the front. (Photo by Tess the Mess)

Lorraine, Carol, Lala, Debbie, Kristen, and Courtney in the front.
(Photo by Tess the Mess)

Our most recent outing was to the Dallas World Aquarium in downtown Dallas. It is a bit pricey to get in but the variety of creatures to shoot is incredible, especially when you realize that this tropical paradise is inside of an old warehouse. I cannot imagine if they should ever have plumbing problems with all of these water features and the animals’ dependence on proper functioning.

So the crazy women… Lorraine, Kristen and daughter Courtney, Debbie, Tess, Carol and I carpooled into the city for another day of fun. This would be Carol’s last outing with the crazies before moving to the East coast. The fun started before we even entered the building. As we rounded the corner there was the most beautiful sax music echoing between the buildings. What a way to start our day and Tess was jivin’ with the music!

You Go Girl!(Photo by Lala)

You Go Girl!
(Photo by Lala)

Even though we were traveling through the “tropical jungle” together, we all came home with very different shots. Tess was shooting with her 100-400mm lens, Carol and I were trying to use our flash units, and Courtney was learning how to use her “new” camera handed down from Mom.

Tess aced it when she captured this romantic photo of the waterfall. It is picture perfect!

The Romantic Waterfall (Photo by Tess)

The Romantic Waterfall
(Photo by Tess)

Hard to believe this is inside an old warehouse in Dallas!

I think we all had the most difficulty shooting the underwater shots. It looks easier than it is. We raised our ISO to compensate for minimal light and tried to catch the action.

Sharks Swim Overhead(Photo by Lala)

Sharks Swim Overhead
(Photo by Lala)

Give Me a Kiss! (Photo by Lala)

Give Me a Kiss!
(Photo by Lala)


16 thoughts on “The Dallas World Aquarium

  1. Lala,

    Your “Give Me a Kiss” photo is so interestingly beautiful. I need to look back to my pictures if I have one that has even a hair of goodness as this one. I presume that I don’t have one because I did not notice it at first. This is so beautiful. I love his lips that looks like Smily. You always have a good eye.

      • Lala,
        You so clever in flipping this picture from horizontal view. That is probably why I did not notice Mr. Smily in my pictures.

  2. Tessie…

    We can always count on you bringing fun and laughter to our outings right from the “git go”!

    And I loved your rendition of the waterfall so much more than mine! By including the entire waterfall from that perspective and by slowing your shutter speed you attained a romantic look… and who would suspect this is in an old warehouse as opposed to a tropical paradise?

    • Thank you for the kind words Lala. I appreciate it. Thank you for teaching me how to freeze the water flow. It became an obsession.

  3. Tess,
    You are so funny! Never seen a dancing photographer before until now! However, you are always surprising us!!! Very nice photo of the waterfall! You framed it so well! It was a very fun day at the DWA!

  4. Fay,
    Very nice and interesting image of “Give me a Kiss” creature! You have shown us that rotating a picture can bring out some very interesting characteristics! I can just imagine all the commotion had we hoisted Tess up to the glass for “the kiss”! The crowds camera’s would of been clicking away and the roar of laughter would of gotten all the animals at the DWA very excited!

  5. Tess,
    WOW! I really like this image of the waterfall! The stream of water falling captures your focus and takes you right down to the big splash!!! The splash looks so bright as if there was a light right under it!
    Very nice Tess!

    • Thanks Debbie. Just increase the F-stop to a higher level, take a picture and check the result. If you are not satisfied with the result, increase it more or even to the highest number. Remember to use a tripod or an object that you can lean your camera on or else your picture will look blurry. This is the first trick that I got from Lala, and I’m hooked to it. Yes I forgot how to do it many times & keep on asking Lala to teach me how to do it again and again. It just needs more practice.

  6. Fay,
    Love your shark picture. Great idea to rotate. Thanks for all your helpful hints as I continue to learn more. Tess is truly a mess. Who would have thought to dance at the DWA!!

  7. Wow, next time you go to the Dallas Aquarium, you are going to have to warn them some carzies are coming, too much fun!
    I love all the shots but the “kiss” shot takes the cake, I love that you inverted the photo, great idea, Fay! Tess the waterfall is beautiful!!

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