January Challenge: Entry #9… Ornamental Peach Tree

OOPS! We have one more entry for the January challenge!

Just got an e-mail this morning with a photo from Marcia.  Donna and I met Marcia last year at the Rockwall BBQ Cookoff and somehow got talking about photography, and then about the club and then Marcia figured she was crazy enough to join the club and the rest is history.  So it is great to have Marcia join in the challenge!

This is what she had to say about her photo:

“I decided to use my ornamental peach tree that is in my backyard. I chose this because it is so pretty in the spring when it blooms. Right now it is already budding and it is way too early for that.”

Ornamental Peach Tree (Photo by Marcia)

Ornamental Peach Tree
(Photo by Marcia)

2 thoughts on “January Challenge: Entry #9… Ornamental Peach Tree

  1. Marcia,

    I’m so glad that you submitted your photo for this challenge. It is too much fun.

    Yes, if you look closely, this tree is definitely budding.

    You will have a lot good possibities about this tree. Since its a fruit bearing tree, you can even (I think) take some pictures of its flowers that will eventually transform into fruits.

    Can’t wait to see more pictures of this tree.

  2. Marcia,
    I can see this indeed has many buds and am anxious to see it in bloom!
    Glad you could join us crazy women in this challenge! Look forward to meeting you sometime!

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