January Challenge: Entry #7 … Peach Tree by the Lake

Vickie is tending this little tree with lots of TLC…

“I love peaches and growing up in a farming family I have always loved planting, watching things grow and then harvesting. At our old house, we had the most amazing peach tree and ever since moving to our new house…. over 10 years ago now…. I have wanted to plant some fruit trees.

Last year, on a Costco visit, I saw FRUIT TREES!!! I went home, got the truck, headed back and procured 6 of them for my very own!!! 2 apple, 1 pear, 1 plum, 1 apricot and ONE PEACH!!! I had them planted…. initially on our neighbors property and they had to be moved a week later. I watered diligently, as they were planted where our sprinkler system does not water. Low and behold…. I received one perfect peach at the end of the summer!! I have babied this tree above the others and I believe it has survived the summer, fall and hopefully the winter.

I chose this as my project, as I am anxious to see what changes happen in a year and want to catch it flowering and hopefully growing fruit…. I am excited for this challenge!!”

Peach Tree by the Lake(Photo by Vickie)

Peach Tree by the Lake
(Photo by Vickie)


6 thoughts on “January Challenge: Entry #7 … Peach Tree by the Lake

  1. Vickie,
    This is such a beautiful idea. This will look so good in your already beautiful backyard. The possibilities of producing great images to this tree is vast. I can’t wait to see if this fruit will give you some surprise fruits this year.
    Very good perspective!

  2. Vickie, this is a great tree you picked for the challenge. I’m sure with all your TLC it will thrive and give you many photo ops as it grows and changes. I can’t wait to see its progress. Maybe you can have all the crazy women over for peach pie one day!

  3. I concur, great idea for the challenge! This will be great to shoot as long as you live there, going beyond the year!! The water in the background, fun, fun fun!

  4. Vickie,
    I like the idea of capturing growth along with the usual changes with the various seasons! You certainly have chosen a subject that gives you a variety of options! Nice background as well! I will be looking forward to seeing more great images of this nice little new tree!!!

  5. Very nice choice for the challenge. I love to
    see peaches trees bud and bloom and produce fruit. Lovely spot. The water will be an excellent backdrop. Great job

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