January Challenge: Entry #6… The Tree Behind My House

Merrie’s photo is of an old oak tree behind her house and this is her story:

When I first had my house built back in 1990 the Creek Crossing area was pretty new and mostly undeveloped. I choose the last street down next to a creek which is the East Fork of the Trinity River. There were only a few lots that had been built on my street so I had my pick of which lot I wanted to build on. I chose the one I did because it was the only one that had a tree on it.

It was a well established tree, an oak tree which was part of the original landscape and not cut down to make this residential development. It sits behind my house, between the alley and the creek. Hence the name for this picture should be “The Tree Behind My House”. It was not quite as large as it is now and I have watched it grow through the years, losing branches from time to time whenever a bad storm hits but there it still stands.

I have taken many photos of it over the years, mostly in the winter when it is covered with snow, but now that it will be part of my photo challenge, I will like to take more shots of it from different angles, different times of the day and different seasons. The other trees, bushes, and brush that are there now, were not originally there except for a small evergreen that is now huge and you may see it in the background.

And that is the story of the tree behind my house as best as I can describe.

The Tree Behind My House (Photo by Merrie)

The Tree Behind My House
(Photo by Merrie)


7 thoughts on “January Challenge: Entry #6… The Tree Behind My House

  1. Merrie…

    This tree looks quite beautiful with all it’s gnarly branches and it must be tough to withstand all the Texas storms. Will be anxious to see how it changes throughout year.

  2. Merrie,

    Love the bright blue sky and the sun’s reflections that creates a golden hue effect to the branches.
    It’s amazing that almost all of us submitted a tree or rows of trees as a challenge. This challenge really give us a lot of ideas to look outside of the box. It is really a challenging challenge that will lead us hopefully to be a good photographer, and look into a subject in many angles.
    Beautiful, tack-sharp picture Merrie. Good job.

  3. Merrie,
    Nice shot of a beautiful tree!! I like how you took this image with the light highlighting some of the branches and the casting of the shadows on the others. This is a great example of how a bare tree can have such beauty and character! Great subject and talk about being close to home!!! It will be interesting to see all the various images you will be capturing of this beauty!!!

  4. Thanks Fay, Tess and Lorraine! I really love trees so this challenge will be fun trying to capture all the changes during the year.

  5. Merrie, I agree with Fay the gnarly branches are wonderful! I too almost shot a tree in the backyard, it will be easy to shoot often! Great choice, we need to compare backyards some day, I have a tree lined lot as well!

  6. Great choice Merrie. The tree definately looks like it has character. Can’t wait to see the pictures each month and I know they will be great

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