January Challenge: Entry #5… Trees in the Park

Debbie was also having some indecision with this challenge and couldn’t quite figure out what to shoot. I think she was secretly wishing it could be something abstract… so this is her story:

“I don’t know why I chose what I did. I was just trying to find something before
the deadline. I walked around the park a bit and I kept going back to the trees clumped together and wondered what they would look like in the spring.”

Trees in the Park(Photo by Debbie)

Trees in the Park
(Photo by Debbie)

5 thoughts on “January Challenge: Entry #5… Trees in the Park

  1. Debbie…

    I think you will be surprised at all the variations on a theme that you might be able to get from these trees. Watch for weather changes and shoot from different angles and you might even want to include a portrait of your grandson in the trees. Lots of possibilities!

  2. Debbie,
    I love the blue sky and yes the trees will look beautiful when the leaves comes back. As what Lala have mentioned, you will have a lot of variations to this trees. You can probably also include the trunk of this trees in one of your pictures. Can’t wait to see your photo collage of photos of these trees.

  3. Debbie,
    I like what appears to be the different shades in the sky with the blue turning to a more softer lighter color as it fades behind the trees. I also can see the different shade of brown on the tree in the far right of your image which I feel adds more color. I think you have chosen a good subject and I can see a lot of potential in working with this. I too found this to be a hard challenge. However, I am very happy we are doing this as I think we can learn a lot from this!!!! I can see where focusing on one subject can allow us to pay more attention to the different effects of framing, DOF, and lighting. I am anxious to see the different images you will be capturing!!! And Yes…..you can give us some abstract shots of this as well!!!
    Good job Debbie!!

  4. I agree with Lorraine, I think we are going to learn alot from this!! Keep looking at the link Fay gave us about the dead tree, and use some of his ideas! You can’t go wrong with trees, good job!

  5. Thanks to everyone that commented. I really hope these trees prove me wrong and they are beautiful as the seasons progress and I think a good shot of my grandson in one of them is a great idea. He loves the park when it’s nice weather

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