January Challenge: Entry #4… This Old Tree

Tess thought this challenge was the most difficult of all, but quite frankly, I am not sure why. She thought she had her mind made up on the subject but then changed her mind and sent me her dog. And then once again changed her mind and sent me this tree. And yes… it is a woman’s perogative to change her mind, so this is Tess’s entry. But then again… are you sure Tess?

“This is the oldest and largest tree that we have on our property. This is
not only the biggest tree but also a tree with character. It has two big
branches that separate in two and create a perfect “Y” effect of which I love
to see each morning as I wake up. We don’t know how old this tree is but it
looks extremely old.

This tree sets at the very back of the property, and it’s too far away that
I can count from the fingers of my one hand as to how many times I have been there. This year, it would be a total change, and I will visit this tree more often.

Sorry for not being able to eliminate the other smaller tree located on the left
side and the very small bush on the right side to simplify my background. I
could have eliminated it by cutting them down, like someone I know, but I know my husband will kill me if I do so.”

This Old Tree(Photo by Tess)

This Old Tree
(Photo by Tess)


8 thoughts on “January Challenge: Entry #4… This Old Tree

  1. Tess,
    Love it!!!! I can’t imagine the person you know that would do something so crazy as to cut down shrubs or a tree for a picture! Geez!!! Seriously, I love the big ol tree with its interesting and beautiful shape!!! I know you would perfer to not have the smaller shrub and tree beside it. However, its nature and I am confident you will find creative ways to work with this situation and capture a lot of beautiful images!!! Also love how you captured the bird in the tree. Do you know what kind it is? A very pleasing and peaceful image to look at! Good choice and great image!!!

    • Lorraine,
      Thanks for the kind words.
      Yes, that crazy woman I know is really something. You can just imagine cutting a poor tree or a scrub just to simplify the backgroud. Geez indeed.
      Anyways, the bird is a hawk. It is so untamed that it flew away as I get nearer. Lala even suggested for me to stay there and have a mouse in my hand. The problem is I don’t have a mouse, so I asked her if I could borrow one of her mice that she has in her kitchen, but she don’t want to lend it to me for the scare of cutting my fingers and she is scared that I will be fingerless as I start a new job. That was kind of her. My question is, why did she even suggest? LMAO.

      • To clarify the statement… mice in my kitchen: I collect rubber rats and mice and I thought if perhaps she stood with a rubber mouse dangling by it’s tail from her fingers, the hawk might think it was real and give her an upclose look but I was afraid the hawk might take off her finger in the process. Obviously… a bad idea!
        LMAO too!

  2. Lala,
    I did not mean not to clarify about “the mice” in your in your kitchen. Yes y’all, it’s just a rubber rat/mice, and the one on the vent hood is the one that really looks real, and that’s the one that I want to borrow for a bait. LOL.

  3. Tess,

    I love your choice of picture. The tree is very unique and I look forward to seeing many more as the seasons change. The V in the tree is different than most trees. Job well done!!

    • Debbie,
      Thank you for the comments. It was really such a hard decision on what to submit. As Lala have mentioned that I keep on changing my challenge. Yes I am oh soo guilty of that. Thanks to Lala for understanding and for knowing the feeling of being a crazy woman. I’m so grateful to Lala, cause now I see what she meant about the “change”, And looking outside of the box. I already have a couple of pictures of this tree with different looks.

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