January Challenge: Entry #3… Creek Crossing

I just recently had the pleasure of meeting Linda when I was invited to have lunch with her and my friend Sheila. It was many years ago, shortly after moving to Texas that I met Sheila. She was instrumental in starting the Mesquite Photography Club which I was a member of for quite a few years. Unfortunately, it is no more. Sheila has known Linda for quite some time and thought she might be interested in our club as she is very creative, writes poetry and would like to be able to use photography to go along with her poems. What a great idea!

Linda has been watching the craziness from afar and then wrote me a lovely e-mail expressing a desire to be more active in the club and I cannot tell you how thrilled I was! So this is Linda’s first entry in a challenge. If you will scroll down to the bottom of the bios on the left side of the blog, you can meet Linda and I hope you will all give her a “crazy woman” welcome. We are so honored to have you join us Linda.

And this is what Linda wrote about her entry to the January Challenge:
“My husband and I enjoy walking to a park near our home, where this wooden footbridge crosses over a creek that runs through the park. We sometimes stop and stand on this bridge for a moment, looking for a big turtle that will swim toward us while we watch, probably hoping we will toss him a chunk of bread or other treat. Farther down the creek, where the water is deeper, are several other turtles, as well as ducks. Sometimes we see a heron or egret.

When I drive past the park, I always glance over at this pretty little bridge nestled at the edge of an undeveloped wooded area, our little nature preserve in suburbia.”

Creek Crossing (Photo by Linda)

Creek Crossing
(Photo by Linda)


13 thoughts on “January Challenge: Entry #3… Creek Crossing

  1. Linda…

    I am so delighted to have you join us and I am looking forward to reading some of your poetry. I do think poetry and photography can go hand in hand.

    Your choice of using the bridge for your challenge is excellent and it will be interesting to see how it changes through the seasons, and wouldn’t it be nice with some poetry added to the photo. We will definitely work on that.

    Hope you have fun with the “crazy women” as we all learn photography together!

    • Hi, Fay. I’m enjoying the exchange of comments. Everyone has been so kind to me, and I kept reading what everyone else was saying about everyone else’s photographs, too, and the replies back, until I decided I should quit lurking and say something myself. Guess you can tell I’m trying to catch up. I will definitely be sharing my poetry with you, and look forward to working on the integration of poetry and photographs.

      • Linda… I am so excited to have you join in. That is what this crazy club is all about… photography, learning, comraderie, supporting each other. Though it can be interesting watching from the side lines it is much more fun to participate! We’ve got a great group of “crazy women” and their craziness truly brings more joy to life.

        You must join us on an outing sometime to meet the crazies. They will have you laughing and having a wonderful time! I am so pleased to have you as a member of the club and we will certainly look forward to your poetry! This will be a totally new thing for the club to experience.

  2. Linda,
    Welcome to the CWPC!!! What a great photo you have presented! It’s such a pleasant and relaxing image! I like how you framed this photo with the walk leading you nicely to the bridge. I can see why you and your husband really enjoy spending time there. It will be interesting to see the bridge in the different seasons, etc. I am looking forward to meeting you and seeing more of your images! Also, what a neat thing to be able to blend photography with poetry! Again, Welcome to to the CWPC!!!

    • Thanks for the welcome, Lorraine. This challenge intrigued me, and it will be interesting to see how things “develop” (pun intended) with everyone’s photos.

  3. Linda,
    Very nice photo. I can’t wait to see what the bridge looks like with the trees in the coming months. I also look forward to meeting you on an outing soon

  4. Linda,

    This such a beautiful subject. Poetry and photography is such a wonderful talent, and good combination.

    Can’t wait to see more photos of this bridge in the seasons to come. This place is so serene and quiet. I can tell why you and your husband love this place. Just a quick question, this might sound stupid to you but…what is that torch looking thing at the entrance of the bridge?

    Hope to get to know you soon. Welcome to CWPC.

    • Thanks, Tess. The torch looking thing is a post with a reflector on top. It basically is there for bicyclists, I think, who share the pathway. On pretty days, there are walkers, dogs, runners, cyclists, strollers, etc. going and coming. And it’s a very small park.

  5. Hi Linda! Welcome to the crazy club!

    I live in Creek Crossing too! So now there are at least 2 crazy women in Creek Crossing! Great photo by the way. There will be all kinds of possibilities for shots as the seasons change. I’m looking forward to meeting you hopefully soon.

  6. Hi Linda Welcome to the club, you are going to LOVE it!! What great subject and shot for this first challenge of 2013! I like how the bridge is not centered in your photo and how the path draws you to it! Great job, look forward to shooting with you soon!!

  7. Thanks, Donna. I am already learning from everyone’s comments and I am glad you liked the bridge not being centered. I wanted to be sure the creek was in the shot, too, as well as the path, and the sun and shadows was so pretty across the grass.

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