January Challenge: Entry #1… Built to Last

I thought a lot about what to choose for this challenge. I also drove around looking for something that was close but also that I would enjoy photographing over the next year.

My father and grandfather both worked for the railroad so I have always enjoyed being around trains and the railroad yards. I have been by the old railroad bridge near the lake over Main Street in Rowlett several times but hadn’t really given it much thought. Now that I am involved in photography, I see many things differently.

The age of the bridge and road makes me wonder what it was like when it was new and how it has changed through the years. I imagine the old cars and trucks that have passed under this bridge. And I am sure it has seen an occasional horse and buggy over the years as well! The road is part of the original Bankhead Highway which was the second trans-continental highway built in the United States.

The highway arrived in Rowlett in 1921 and the bridge was built in 1922. The highway was later designated as US Highway 67. The road was renamed again to State Highway 66 when the route of US 67 was changed to follow Interstate 30. With the approval of a new water reservoir, 66 was rerouted to the north to its current location and Lake Ray Hubbard now covers a portion of the old 66 east of this old railroad bridge.

The lake may have reduced this historic highway to a dead end old road, but the railroad bridge was clearly built to last.

I chose to present the photo in B&W to invite the viewer to step back in time.

Built to Last(Photo by Lorraine)

Built to Last
(Photo by Lorraine)


12 thoughts on “January Challenge: Entry #1… Built to Last

  1. Lorraine… you always go above and beyond in finding and capturing your subject! Love the history that you have included with your photo and how appropriate for this shot to be in B&W.

    As I look at this photo, I can think of so many ways to shoot it. I think this will be a fun project for you. Excellent choice!

    • Fay,
      Thank you! I feel very lucky to have come across this bridge again! I am so excited and looking forward to all the various images I may be able to obtain during my “quality time” with this interesting bridge. Already, I have visited three times. Hmmm……did someone say railroad bridge obsession? Ha Ha

  2. Lorraine,
    Your tenacity and strong determination to explore and look for the perfect subject is impressive.

    Your effort is well paid off base on the image of this picture. As what Lala have mentioned, thanks for adding the history of this place. Yes the W&B adds the perfect effect. A colored picture might look beautiful too in spring when the leaves and wild flowers blooms.

    As always, job well done.

    • Tess,
      Thanks for your nice comments. Yes, I am looking forward to see what things look like in the spring at this bridge. With it being old….I just had to research and learn more about it. I even made a trip to the Rowlett Library and checked out a “History of Rowlett” book to see if this bridge is mentioned. I haven’t found anything specific yet, but still have quite a bit to go through. I used to think of B&W as not that important or interesting but I do see things differently now! Thanks again!

  3. Beautiful picture Lorraine! I too like the history you included and the choice to make the photo black and white! It is a verying interesting subject and will be fun to photo all year! I look forward to seeing future photos!

    • Donna,
      Thank you! I know you have an interest in shooting older things as well. I must admit , you crossed my mind when I started shooting this bridge. I find it so interesting to try to imagine what things were like when they were new and the history surrounding it.

  4. Lorraine,
    As always I am in awe of your photos. Such a great idea and the history was interesting to read as always. I wish I had your eye for finding the perfect subject. Great job. Looking forward to each photo this year

    • Debbie,
      Thank you so much. I can maybe see some potential for some abstract shots at this location if you are interested!!! (Ha Ha) I hope I can get some good images. It will definitely be a challenge!

  5. Lorraine, your photo is awesome! I love how old timey it looks on black and white. I drive over that railroad every day but never gave it much thought. You certainly have a good eye for photography. (Which eye are you using?). You not only help us learn about photography but we get an interesting lesson in history as well!

  6. This photo reminds me of a railroad bridge that once crossed Highway 82 in northeast Texas. Just past the bridge, the highway curved and as I rounded that curve I knew I would soon be home…the little town where I was born and lived until I married at age 22. The highway ran right through the middle of town, and the railroad track ran alongside the highway and in front of my parents’ house. Just a few years ago I was driving “home” and suddenly realized something was missing. The railroad bridge was completely gone…and the railroad tracks that ran through town were gone, too. Your photo made me homesick for the old bridge that welcomed me home for over 50 years. Beautiful scene, and I love the black and white.

    • Linda,
      Thank you for your nice compliments! I am sorry to hear about the disappearance of your hometown railroad bridge and the tracks. I would be sad about it too! I hope you have some photos of it! My husband probably thinks I am nuts, but I would love to have a railroad track run near my house and be able to listen to and see the trains passing by! Again, welcome to the club!

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