January Challenge 2013

Crazy Women Donna, Tess, Carol, Courtney, Lorraine, Kristen (Photo by Lala)

Crazy Women
Debbie, Tess, Carol, Courtney, Lorraine, Kristen
(Photo by Lala)

Thanks so much to those of you who have submitted photos to the January Challenge and if there are some of you who have not yet submitted your photos I encourage you to do so… there is still time as I start to post some of the submissions.

This challenge is a little different than the rest as it will not conclude until December of 2013. I have asked you to send me a photo close to home, for convenience sake, that you can reshoot at frequent intervals. The idea actually came from a photo site on Flicker by Kevin Day… “My Friend, the Dead Tree”. He has about 178 photos of the dead tree yet all of his photos look very different. Check them out… there are several pages.

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I would like you to shoot your chosen subject at different times of day, in varied weather conditions, from different angles, and in different seasons. I am only asking for one photo right now to begin the challenge, and the rest of the photos you will take on your own. It would probably be easiest if you would put the photos in a separate folder on your computer to simplify the process. Shoot frequently and keep adding to your collection… the more the better. At the end of the year, we will work on composing a collage of your photos to better appreciate the changes that take place over a period of a year’s time.

The goal of this exercise is to appreciate how light can change a photo. Your choice of composition will also alter your shot. Walk around your subject. Shoot from a low perspective and a high perspective. Shoot horizontal and vertical. Get in close and step away. Shoot only part of your subject. Alter where you place your subject in the frame. Use varying depth of field.

This should encourage you to reshoot something you have shot before as it will appear different each time, and to get you in the habit of shooting at frequent intervals. I would like to see photography become a part of your everyday life. As with any new endeavor, it takes time to develop these habits. If you have some spare time… grab your camera and shoot some more.

One of the members thought this was our most difficult challenge thus far which, quite frankly, surprised me, but I will let you be the judge.

Good luck… and happy shooting!


13 thoughts on “January Challenge 2013

  1. Tess,
    No doubt about it….your craziness keeps us on our toes! From your crazy challenge for us to try to guess your abstract photo to always surprising us with your photoshop creations! Those three words “Tess The Mess” says it all!!!!

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