Mother and Daughter… Two Crazy “Women”!

Kristen (Photo by Lala)

(Photo by Lala)

Kristen first joined us on an outing to shoot the sunset at Lake Ray Hubbard. This was actually our first successful attempt to shoot the sunset as our first attempt went awry when the crazy women got so busy talking, laughing and having fun after a dinner at The Harbor, that we totally missed sunset. The sun was gone but we did learn that in spite of no sun, there is still lots of color in the sky to shoot, but for the best results, requires a tripod or setting your camera on something steady and using the timer to get the shot.

When Kristen arrived, she brought along her daughter Courtney and I think Courtney had fun watching the crazy women try to move the sun and was perhaps wondering what she had gotten herself into.

Kristen joined us on a trip to the Heard to shoot the wetlands which for the most part were “drylands” but in spite of the fact, she added some humor as I was trying to shoot Tess shooting me.

More recently, Kristen and Courtney joined us at the Dallas World Aquarium and it was Courtney’s lucky day. Mom got a new camera and Courtney got her old one and Courtney was having a fun time shooting the animals! Periodically she would become frustrated wondering why her shot was not how she wanted it, so we did some impromptu work on learning her camera and we sure hope to have Courtney and Kristen join us again on more outings.

Bravo to you Kristen for introducing your daughter to photography at a young age and I will be anxious to follow her progress in her new found hobby!

Courtney(Photo by Lala)

(Photo by Lala)


4 thoughts on “Mother and Daughter… Two Crazy “Women”!

  1. Oh I love these photo’s Fay, how fun!!
    Kristen and I were smilin about them at CPR check off the other day!!
    Courtney you are very lucky to get your mamas hand me downs and learn at such a young age! OK so now you have to start shooting some of the challenges! Looking forward to hanging out with mother & daughter soon!!

  2. These pictures are very beautiful. The idea of mother and daughter duo is so much fun. Courtney is so lucky to be exposed to the photography world in such an early age. As Donna said, yes Courtney, you can start shooting the photo challenge.

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