The Color Purple…

Merrie(Photo by Lala)

(Photo by Lala)

For those of us who have worked with Merrie, it is quite obvious that she likes the color purple. Actually she is crazy about the color purple. Purple scrubs, purple pen, purple suitcase, and I bet she even wears purple underwear! And the other thing she is crazy about is cats and rescued my ragdoll cat after I found out I was allergic to him.

While I was still working we had a bit of an incident. Merrie had worked the night shift and was getting ready to leave for home. She had her rolling purple suitcase with her. Lorraine, Merrie and I were having a quick chat before she was to leave and suddenly her very favorite purple suitcase flopped over on it’s side… DEAD! OMG! Emergency! So being a quick thinking nurse I leaned down and shook the suitcase saying “Are you OK? Are you OK?” NO RESPONSE! Call a Code. So I started CPR on Merrie’s suitcase, and when it came time to give a couple breaths I pulled the handle out and in a couple times and then resumed CPR. We all got laughing so hard… but the good news is… the suitcase survived and Merrie went home with a smile on her face with her favorite purple suitcase doing wheelies!

So when Merrie inherited her dad’s camera equipment and her uncle’s tripod, it did not surprise me that she wanted to join the crazy women.  We went to the little Vietnamese restaurant for lunch and then sat there with all her photographic equipment to see what she actually had.  Nearly five hours later we thanked Tim for letting us spend so much time in the restaurant and at that point Merrie was a little better prepared to start shooting.  As a matter of fact, she shot her lunch and the photo turned out great!

Her first trip with the crazies was to the Dallas Arboretum.  She was a bit shy and laid back and then started getting the hang of it.  We were shooting in aperture priority and she was having fun.  Periodically she would ask me to check her settings and we would review some more basics.  At one point I turned around to see Merrie standing there with a tiny pumpkin perched on top of her head and a big smile on her face.  Of course I had to get the shot!

So suddenly Merrie is a whole lot less shy, doesn’t mind getting her photo taken and is progessing by leaps and bounds in the world of photography!
You go girl!


8 thoughts on “The Color Purple…

  1. Merrie,
    How sweet! I know you must love how Fay did your profile image!!! It’s purrrr-fect!!!! I hope that one day we somehow will end up being able to go on an outing together! I have really liked your images you have posted! The soup was one of my favorites! I look forward to seeing more of your great images! Hmm… I wonder how much camera gear you can get in purple? Happy Shooting in this New Year!

  2. Merrie,
    That is quit of a story, about suitcase CPR. It’s hilarious. You all are crazy even before the CWPC’s birth.
    Hope to have another fun photo days with you again. That day at the arboretum was extremely full of laughter, especially when we were talking about our little secrets like the “Cupid Chapel of Love”. LOL.
    Your father is so proud of you that you used his cameras in a good use even continuing his dreams.

  3. Merrie,

    I had so much fun with you at the Arborteum. I really don’t think I have ever laughed that much. Hope we get together again soon

  4. Yes, Fay, I do have purple underwear! And socks! I also have a purple point and shoot camera that I occasionally use. 📷

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