Crazy Women have the power to move the sun!

Melanie (Photo by Lala)

(Photo by Lala)

Melanie’s first trip with the crazy women was to Fossil Rim and between her, Tess and Debbie the laughter was non-stop. At one point I looked back at Mel and she had two Pringles potato chips in her mouth looking quite like a duck quacking away. Yep… she’s crazy!

Now Melanie is fairly new to photography and recently bought a Nikon 35mm digital camera. (Yes, Mel, we Canon shooters will forgive you!)
Originally we were going to shoot sunset the night we got together for dinner to celebrate July and August birthdays but somehow we were having so much fun chatting that we totally missed sunset. Crazy Women!
So we rescheduled a sunset shoot.

The night we were to shoot the sunset at the lake, Melanie was working 6A-6P and I never expected her to join us but to our surprise as the sun was getting low in the sky, Melanie drives in wearing her scrubs. She was exhausted from working a 12 hour shift and said she was not going to come but then decided she needed some stress relief and got here as soon as she could! The girl had planned ahead and hunkered down in her car and stripped off part of her scrubs and had clothing underneath. Magic! And who said nurses and photographers were not adaptable.

We had a great time shooting the sunset and that was when the crazy women found out they had the power to move the sun. Now when I said that… poor Tess was befuddled and was messing with her camera in an attempt to move the sun… or something like that.
So the rest of the story was this: If you don’t like where the sun is in your photo, just move your feet and walk further to the left or the right and you will be able to move the sun.

The sun went down, the laughter continued and we ended our night with a trip to Yogurt Wasted for smoothies.

It’s great having you in the club Melanie! Keep up the good work!

6 thoughts on “Crazy Women have the power to move the sun!

  1. Fun picture Fay, I love it!
    Hey Mel~ fun hanging out with you on the outings!
    I know you will be busy in school this year and wish you luck!
    Hopefully you can find a wee bit of time for CWPC!!

  2. Melanie,
    Hope you can join us one of this days in one of the photo day.
    You look so young and vibrant in that billboard. Too cute.
    It was so fun hanging out with you. Good luck for the school. Hope you will graduate soon so that you can hang out with the CWPC and you can write us some Rx. LOL.

  3. Melanie,
    I can just picture you with those chips sticking out of your mouth and quacking like a duck! Sounds like you are real adaptable… to quickly change clothes in a flash wherever!!
    Don’t let those canon users give you a hard time! I am a Nikon user and I am proud of it! Nikon users unite!!! Hope to be able to go on an outing sometime with you! Sounds like your pretty crazy and a whole lot of fun!

  4. Melanie,

    Love seeing you at work. Wish we could get together in the photo club more. Wishing you good luck in school. I know you will make it just fine. See you soon

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