Can I borrow some money?

Gina (Photo by Lala)

(Photo by Lala)

The first official CWPC outing was to the Dallas Arboretum with Tess and Gina. Like I had mentioned before… it was pouring rain but we went ahead with our plans anyway and ended up having a great day and got some interesting photos!

Once again… the same story.  I had “known” Gina from working with her.  She worked on the med-surg floor and then started doing admissions.  But little did I know that she too is a crazy woman wanting to learn more about photography.  On our trip to the garden, I got to know Gina better and found out that she is consumed with work and definitely in need of a stress reliever.  More laughter and a friendship was made!

One day she suggested that Tess and I meet her at a Thai restaurant in Rockwall.  Great idea Gina!  The crazy women love to eat!  And you should have seen her face when I called our waiter by name even though I had never been there or met him before.  “So… you must be Manny” I said.  It was quite obvious who he was as I had read a yelp restaurant review and several people had told of their personable waiter, Manny.  They said he was lots of fun.  And there was no mistake… that had to be Manny!  Lots of laughs ensued and he made our lunch experience extra special.

Due to her crazy working schedule, Gina has been unable to join us as often as she would like, which leads me to believe the girl must be rolling in money, especially when racking up overtime!

The one day she had worked until 01:00 in the morning and then did not show up at the arboretum at 09:00.  Geez… I wonder why!  Guess the poor girl just needed a bit more sleep but in spite of that she showed up at the garden just a little before lunchtime.  She has definitely gotten the hang of the layout of the arboretum and uses phrases like “near Lala’s rock” to identify a particular location.

So Gina… it is great having you as a part of the club and certainly hope you can join the crazy women more often!  And you will definitely go down in history as Tess’s punkin head!


5 thoughts on “Can I borrow some money?

  1. Gina,
    I hope you will share your wealth to the crazies. LOL.
    Who would have ever thought that the woman who looked so serious, is extremely crazy too.
    I remembered the first time the three of us (Lala, you and me) went to the arboretum and we caught you trying to figure out why your camera did not anymore working, then I called Lala so she can also observe your actions. You were trying to check all the buttons without checking the lens cap. That is when Lala said “Photography lesson 101, removed the lens cap first”. It was so hilarious that it became the words of the day. Well it was just the beginning of the laughter that we the crazies have shared.
    Thank you for the laughter and the friendship.

  2. Gina,
    I talk to you often on the phone at work but I am anxious to get to know you better! Hopefully we can go on some of the outings together! I really like some of the images you have posted. One of my favorites was the old fire station with all the details in the building! I also liked the red calender box. What a unique subject for the “red challenge”! Looking forward to seeing more of your images and getting to know you better!

  3. Gina,
    I love being with you on outings. I wish I could have been on the first one. Sounded like y’all had a great time. I enjoy working and visiting with you at work. Hope to see you soon on another outing!!

    • Better late than never . Thanks Fay for
      Posting this . Now ,i have something to dream about. Don’t worry I will share my richness to you’ll . Looking forward to be with the groups outing….

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