What’s a mother to do?

Donna (Photo by Lala)

(Photo by Lala)

It was a hot day at the Rockwall Farmer’s Market when I unexpectedly ran into Donna. Now I have known Donna for quite a number of years but mostly in a professional capacity as she would pass me in my Basic Life Support as well as the mandatory yearly skills at the hospital.

So on this day we had a nice chat and I mentioned to her that I had started this crazy photography club. The next thing out of her mouth was… “I want to join!” And then I heard the rest of the story… she loves photography but her subject (her son) was going off to college. She was accustomed to photographing him and his friends in the band and now that was all about to change. She was excited and charged up and remains like that today.

It has been delightful getting to know Donna better and she is great fun on the outings. And who else would wear fancy cowboy boots and shorts to go shooting! I tell you… these gals know how to dress! Floppy hats, snake boots, dark glasses and always some jewelry! That’s what girls do.

Now when guys go out to shoot, they wear the funkiest clothes they can find.

Knowing that the girls like to dress up a bit, for our birthday Donna made the most beautiful necklaces using our photos.  How proud I am everytime I wear my ostrich around my neck! And yes… I will be featuring this in a later post so we can all learn how to do it.

Donna’s photos also have a story behind them and she very much likes old things and her photography has a sentimental feel.

Donna and Lorraine tied for the second most comments on the blog.
Congratulations Donna!
Your comments are always thoughtful and so welcome.


4 thoughts on “What’s a mother to do?

  1. I’m also glad I have gotten to know Donna also other than passing in the halls and during education. I haven’t been out with her a lot but when I have I have truly enjoyed it. I really love my necklace that Donna made for me also although I didn’t make it to the birthday celebration. I know she is going to continue to have knowledge to contribute to CWPC and looking forward to more outings!!

  2. Donna,
    I am looking forward to being able to go on more outings with you! Our timing on the outings have not been working out , but hopefully that will change this year. I really have enjoyed all your photos you have posted. You seem to do a really good job with the framing and your images seem so sharp. Also, I enjoy the “old” things too and look forward to seeing what things you may come across to photograph!

  3. Donna,
    It’s been a pleasure to get to know you in a more personal basis. Your passion in photography is amazing. You always capture something that is comparable to a pro category. I personally miss your presence lately since you are busy with school and work. Hope our photo day and day off will coincide.
    I am so impressed with all the talents you possess. You are not just a person full of talent but a person with a good heart.

  4. WOW, what a great pic Fay, I LOVE it!
    As I said before, so happy to be part of your club and one of you students! I look forward to the memories and photography to come.
    Thanks for all the kind comments, you guys are fun and talented too!
    I promise that you have yet to see my CrAzY side, looking forward to some crazy fun this year! Going to need to save some vacation time for the CWPC! See you Crazies soon!

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