Tess “the mess”…

Tess "the mess" (Photo by Lala)

Tess “the mess”
(Photo by Lala)

Tess was the very first member of the club and was responsible for much encouragement as we formulated what this club was to be all about.
It was she who helped get the word out and recruited members from the staff who we had worked with throughout the years.

And for those of you who know Tess, I do not need to tell you that she is a bundle of energy and good cheer!

Tess got her first 35mm digital camera for Christmas, 2011 and she was eager to learn… and learn she did!

Our first photography outing together was to the Dallas Arboretum, and Gina joined us. That morning it was raining but it did not dampen our spirits and we took off in spite of the weather hoping that it would clear by about noon time. So… we did what all crazy women do, we ate and we laughed! As the rain continued, we started our day with an early lunch under cover and by the time we had finished, the rain had stopped and the crazy women ventured out.

I cannot tell you what fun Tess and I had on our adventure shooting butterflies at the Fort Worth Conservatory. It was then that she decided she NEEDED a macro lens.  And it was after that outing that she made me the most beautiful birthday card using her newly learned photoshop skills… a card I will always treasure!

And then we shot raptors together and got covered with chigger bites! What are friends for, if not to share both the good times and the bad times. And we sure did itch!

It seems that Tess loves to see the Fed Ex man come to her gate. She has since purchased a telephoto lens, tripod, hoodman, photoshop, and a myriad of other gadgets. It was she who taught me to use my remote clicker and we will be working together to learn some photoshop techniques.

Suddenly, my e-mail was filled with photos from Tess as she was learning and experimenting. And then before I knew it, she made a photo book on Blurb!

Tess has entered every challenge and has made the most comments on the blog. Congratulations Tessie!
When she posted her sky photo in the “red challenge”, that was the day that the blog received the most hits!

Tess… you have been instrumental in making this club what it is today, and I thank you. You have made me laugh beyond belief and I appreciate your support as we travel the metroplex with our special friend Lucy!
You are definitely a certified crazy woman!


12 thoughts on “Tess “the mess”…

  1. Tess,
    Congratulations on winning first place on the number of comments posted and for your red sky receiving the most hits of the day!! You rock!!! You deserve a lot of credit for all your recruiting efforts. When I question things….you often have given me the push I needed!! Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious. You have really picked up a lot of skills and knowledge so quickly! I enjoyed all the outings with you. You have given me many laughs and have been great support! Thanks for everything you have done for me personally and for the CWPC!!!

    • Lorraine,
      Thank you to for being just “you”. It’s a pleasure to get to know you personally. Thanks for the nice comments. I’m a bit of a
      “Shy” for giving the highest comments cause it could mean that I’m talkative, (LOL), of which I’m not, (LOL again). Actually the woman that you meet in CWPC is my other personality, I’m really shy in nature… ha ha ha. Again thank you.

  2. Very nice testimonial Fay and well deserved Tess!! Have enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to more outings with you and the group…I always learn so much! I love the picture of Tess on the brick wall…how was this done??

    • Easy Vickie! No photoshop needed!
      Go to “Photofunia” (just Google it), find a photo on their site that you like, upload one of your photos, and… MAGIC!
      Easy, cheap fun!

    • Vickie,
      It was an honor and privilege to meet you. Who would have known that a woman like you with such an achievement in life and career is as crazy as the rest of us?

  3. Lala,
    I appreciate all your kind words. Thank you for everything that you have done to me. Thank you for your patience in teaching me “The Photography World”. I will treasure everything for life. You have been the sole instrument to what I achieve now. I am not yet a professional, but trying to capture the best, and will not stop until I get the perfect capture which is not going to happen cause we still crave for more. Thank you for the laughter, pain, and the itchiness (chigger bites). One of my favorite outing was when we had the “duck attack” at WRL. My finger was bleeding due to the geese bite and your “behind” was bitten twice. LOL. It was painful but we were still laughing till out facial muscle were hurting so bad.
    All of the photo days we had were always fun and full of excitement. So to all the members of the CWPC who still did not join is in one of our outings…. You miss a lot of therapeutic days. It’s been a great stress relieving moment, better than yoga I guess.

    • LOL! Yes Tessie… lots of fun times! Even getting goosed!

      I am in awe of how you have progressed and love your enthusiasm. You have quite an eye and love how you shoot things many times from a different angle. And you always seem to find the tiniest bug or something that totally escapes my attention.

      And now I know I have to look a little harder at your photos to see if you have been playing with photoshop and trying to fool poor Lala… like when your doggies “went to the arboretum” or when there were sooooo many hot air balloons in the sky! Very sneaky, Tess!

      And who else would be brave enough to go out with Lala and Lucy? Looking forward to more rollicking fun!

      • That is too funny Lala. Love all of our outings will always turn out to be so much fun regardless of whether, itchiness, pain, and laughter. I’m looking forward to more craziness.

  4. Great Post, and love the pic so fun and interesting, i love the pic with the brick texture in the background!
    Tess, it has been so much fun getting to know you on a personal level and through your photography learn about your passions and watch you grow as a photographer! You are getting pretty good girl!
    Looking forward to more in 2013!

    • Donna,
      The feeling is the same. It’s such a joy and fun to be with you. Thank you to all the fun and laugher. Looking forward to have more fun photo day with you.

  5. I totally agree with everyone’s comments. Tess is a great inspiration to all of us. Her energy is so contagious. I just wish I was young enough to keep up with her more. Lol. Seriously I love being around her and so appreciate all the help she has given me. She has never complained about my questions I ask her. I really am glad she gave me an invitation to join CWPC and a push to venture out to buy a new camera. I have enjoyed every outing we have had together and hope we have many more. Great job Tess

    • Debbie,
      Thank you for the very kind comments. It is always a pleasure to be with you “abstract”. You are so kind and I always love and get so excited when you join us with any photo day. We almost always think the same the day before any photo day, from the battery charging to texting that we are ready to waking up in the middle of the night and look outside and check if it snowed. What a crazy minds.

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