Full Moon in December

Last night, anticipating a full moon, I went outside and looked up and saw nothing! Looked to be badly clouded over. This was probably about 19:30. It was cold out, I was tired and gave up on the thought of shooting the full moon.

So this morning when I checked my e-mails… there was a full moon to greet me, thanks to Lorraine, with the help of Mike… and it is spectacular!
And this is what Lorraine had to say…

I am so excited….here is my first moon shot!!!
Mike let me borrow his 300mm lens and he used a cheap 1000mm that he had to manually focus and they came out about the same.

I came in the house grumbling because I got so cold that I couldn’t
operate my camera with my fingers. I kept accidentally changing my
settings and couldn’t find my buttons with my hands being totally numb.
Also, I am new at using my tripod and had some difficulty getting my
camera in the right position. I didn’t know if I had captured anything
very good. Much to my suprise I found this!

If I may use your bumper sticker quote…….
“I am happy as a bird with a french fry”!!!!

Full Moon(Photo by Lorraine)

Full Moon
(Photo by Lorraine)

I think it is important to note why Lorraine had such success with her first moon shot.  She persevered!

At first she saw a clouded over sky but kept checking and by about 20:43PM those clouds started to lift giving her a clear image of the moon. 
She used a tripod to prevent any movement and these were her settings:
ISO 100, f10, at 1/125 second exposure using a 300 mm lens.

The moon really is quite bright as it reflects the sun and thereby requiring only an ISO of 100.  I assume that she used all manual settings to achieve her goal.

Something tells me that Lorraine will be out “howling at the moon” more frequently now!


9 thoughts on “Full Moon in December

  1. Lorraine… This really is spectacular!
    I was so excited when I saw it.

    This morning when I went out to get the paper, I saw the full moon. It was a little enshrouded in clouds but I thought I would try to shoot it. So I threw on my coat over my nightgown, and toted my camera and tripod to the side of my neighbor’s front yard to try to get a shot. I could hear their dog barking it’s fool head off. I was cold. My fingers were getting numb. I decided to use the timer so as not to cause any additional movement but I was fooled by the dark sky and the bright moon. My ISO was set too high and I ended up blowing out the moon; thereby, getting no detail! Yes, it was a sharp image, but with no detail, it lost the magic that you have captured here. So… try, try, try again!
    Photography is a lot of trial and error.
    So the next time, I will put in the manual settings as you have done and see if I can improve.

    You aced it girlfriend!

  2. Fay,
    Thank you for your very nice comments. I forgot to mention, that I also used a wireless remote clicker and waited a few seconds after touching the camera to reduce vibration. I used various focus points. This cold weather is brutal and never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I would venture out with a camera standing in the bitter cold underneath the moon!!!

  3. Lorraine,
    You really aced it. It’s so beautiful. I love how sharp the detail of the lines that are drawn away from the craters. Perfect capture.

  4. Awesome picture Lorraine. I have tried previously to get a moon shot without a tripod. Just doesn’t work well. Guess what. I received a tripod for Christmas from my husband, Gary. I haven’t tried to use it but I want to soon. Again great picture. I love that it is so clear!!

    • Debbie,
      Thank you! I am happy to hear you got a tri-pod for Christmas! I am still getting used to mine. They can make all the difference in getting some nice shots!

  5. Lorraine, great shot! I was going to try again when the full moon came around again but had to work that night. So I’ll have to keep trying. But you got it on the first attempt and your result is awesome. Congratulations!!!

    • Merrie,
      Thank You! I am confident you will get more great moon shots! I really liked your first moon images! I was impressed with how well you captured some of the texture of the moon! That is one thing I would like to work on obtaining more of. Happy Moon Shooting to You!!

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