Hand Challenge: Entry #5 Father, Mother and Child

As we approach Christmas and the holidays, I can think of no better image than this one symbolic of the season.
This image is by Debbie.

“When I found out about this challenge I immediately thought of our son-in-law, Jeremy, our daughter, Alicia, and our grandson, Lyndon.
The hands of your children are a precious thing. They are soft and caring.
I wanted my picture to be with the father, mother and child hands combined together to show unity.”

Father, Mother and Child
(Photo by Debbie)


4 thoughts on “Hand Challenge: Entry #5 Father, Mother and Child

  1. Debbie…
    I like your thoughts on this image and it is very special indeed!
    The red background sets off the hands very nicely. My only suggestion might be to move everyone’s hands forward just enough that you have a totally solid red background without distraction of another hand in the background.

    It would be interesting to return to this image and reshoot it on a yearly basis as Lyndon grows and your son-in-law and daughter age.

  2. Debbie,
    I really like how you combined the “Father,Mother, and Child” for this image. Its very touching indeed! To obtain a more profound effect of these special hands, I am wondering if maybe cropping the image to show just the hands would make for an even better image. Again, I really like your creativeness with this and how special!!

  3. Debbie,
    This is full of sentiment. Simple yet beautiful. Love the story behind it. What Lala had suggested to reshoot this picture yearly is a very good idea. It would be perfect if you will do it every Christmas with same color background. It’s really an exciting concept. Good job Debbie.

  4. I concure with all the other comments. Beautiful!
    I wish I would have done this with my kids.
    I would try taking the original photo and play with cropping it a little to see what you might create (always keep the original intact though!)

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