Hand Challenge: Entry #3 Weekend Mechanic

Our next entry is from Donna and she has chosen to depict hands at “play/work”!

“These are my husbands hands.
He has recently purchased a new hobby… a ’66 Chevy Stepside.
He is rebuilding it working on the engine, welding, bonding and “YES” I have been recording it all in photographs! When the hand challenge came up it was a no-brainer shooting his newly acquired Mechanic hands!”

Weekend Mechanic (Photo by Donna)

Weekend Mechanic
(Photo by Donna)


8 thoughts on “Hand Challenge: Entry #3 Weekend Mechanic

  1. OK, Donna… so where do I start? I love everything about this shot! Your depth of field… perfect! Love that out-of-focus rusted background. I know you have a fondness for old things and you immediately understand that he is working on something old and like the variety of nuts and bolts lying around.

    His grease-stained hands are so well portrayed showing minute details… veins, hairs, pores, and then the way you have caught the light on the metallic tool as well as on his ring… superb! This tells a story in so many ways! And then again, we have a diagonal line running through the photo which I always seem to like.

    Great photo, Donna! And many happy hours, I am sure, for your husband as he brings that old truck back to life!

    • Thank you for the kind words!
      This photo was really fun to take!
      He turned out to be a great subject!
      Looking forward to the next challenge!

  2. Donna,
    I really like the colors in this image. The various shades of the rusty background goes very nicely with the greasy hands of the “mechanic”! The shiny tool seems to draw you straight to his hands where you did a great job of capturing them. The hands are sharp and the various colors on the hands really make this a nice photo. You did a very good job of obtaining the subject and the background was perfect!!!

    • Thanks Lorraine
      I was quite surprised when I uploaded the pics on my computer, to see how sharp his hands were and how the shiny the tool was! Have a great holiday!

  3. Very nice picture. I agree with everyone else on their comments. Great choice for this challenge. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas

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