Hand Challenge: Entry #2 This Hand

Tess presents us with her interpretation of hands…

“Hands that feed, feel, heal, cure, touch, pamper, spoil, comfort, give attention, coddle, indulge, cosset and pet, no matter who that hand belongs to, the purpose is the same.”

This Hand(Photo by Tess)

This Hand
(Photo by Tess)


11 thoughts on “Hand Challenge: Entry #2 This Hand

  1. Tess,
    I love it! I have always been fascinated by the members of the Ape family. Have thoroughly enjoyed the various documentaries I have watched. I like how you have captured this orangutan in the moment, with the hand performing a vital task. The reddish hair surrounding the subject makes a nice border for this image. Very nice Tess!

  2. Tess! How fun, what a great idea, you are so creative with your photos! I agree with Lorraine about how you captured the animal in the moment! The hands of an animal are at the center of your photo a nice touch and the green food really draw the viewer in, nice job!

  3. I knew you would have something different and interesting. I like your choice for the challenge. Gives me another way to look at different challenges. Great job

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