Hand Challenge: Entry #1 Olivia’s Hands

The challenge for this month is to shoot hands. Our hands tell so much about who we are, yet we do not often shoot hands. We shoot portraits and candids but seldom focus solely on hands.

I would love to have a photo of my mom and my dad’s hands. I lost both my parents when I was quite young but I can vividly remember my dad’s hands as he did woodworking and also as I would sit on his lap as a young child and trace my fingers over the veins in his hands. I remember my mom’s cool hand on my feverish head when I was sick and in my mind I can see her rolling out pastry making my favorite pie. But I was a child and had no idea that these images would remain in my mind 60 years later.

It is with this in mind that I present you with our images of hands. Each image represents so much more than just a photograph as you will soon see. Thanks to each of you who submitted images to this challenge. All I can say is… you get it! Photography is powerful and your entries are proving it. You are shooting things you might never have before shot and I am seeing your intense caring through these photos.

We will begin our challenge by featuring a photo by Kristen P.. For those of you who know, Kristen, you are well aware how busy she has been working, going to school and raising a family… a daunting task to say the least. I was overwhelmed with joy when I found that she had found the time to enter this challenge and certainly hope that in the future she might find the time to also join us on some outings if she has a break in her hectic schedule.

Thank you Kristen for your delightful entry!  Not only is the subject of the photo… your daughter… so cute, but I love what you have done with selective coloring which is something we crazy women need to explore further.  Your processing is perfect for this photo!

Olivia's Hands(Photo by Kristen P.)

Olivia’s Hands
(Photo by Kristen P.)



6 thoughts on “Hand Challenge: Entry #1 Olivia’s Hands

  1. This photo is perfection! Your eye immediately goes to Olivia’s paint-covered hands and then you focus on her endearing smile partially hidden behind those hands. And I do like the positioning of her hands in front of her eyes. And you wisely chose a plain background that does not compete with the subject.

    IMO… this photo epitomizes the joys of a creative childhood and deserves to be framed and hung on the wall! Thank you Kristen for sharing this with the Crazy Women and with the world!

  2. Kristen P.
    This is so beautiful! I love how you isolate the colors of each hand and made the background in black and white. How did you do that? You are so talented. Can’t wait for you to join us. I know school is tough. Miss you crazy woman.

  3. Kristen,

    I love your picture and your subject. Like Fay I was immediately drawn to the colors on her hands. I love taking pictures of people especially my grandchildren. Great job and very creative

  4. Kristen,
    Such a joyful and well done image! Like Fay mentioned, this image deserves framed and displayed. Thanks so much for sharing this uplifting photo!!

  5. Oh Kristen, when I open the email, I literally gasped in joy, this is a beautiful image! Like the others, I agree it needs to be displayed for all to see! I look forward to seeing more of your work!! Stunning!!

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