Merrie’s Moon…

I love it when the crazy women send me a photo they are proud of or when they are asking for help with an image. Now as many of you know, Merrie is new to photography but after the latest e-mail, I think I am safe in assuming that she has indeed succumbed to the photography bug. Prior to joining this crazy club, I doubt she would have been where she is now in photography and I also doubt that she would have entertained the thought of shooting the moon. You can’t imagine my excitement when I opened her e-mail with a moon shot. A huge jump Merrie!

She was not happy with her original image and was calling out for help. She had left the porch light on when she was taking the photo and quite frankly I have no idea if that might have been a complicating factor but the point of this is… she wanted to do better. So I directed her to the right side of the blog under Helpful Links: “How To Shoot the Moon”
If you have not yet explored those sites, take the time to do so. There is a wealth of information.

So Merrie referred to that information, put her camera on a tripod and turned off the porch light and this was the resulting photo; however, it was better but I had the feeling she was still a bit disappointed.  By the way, to get the camera settings on a photo, just right click on the original image and go to “properties” and then “details” to see the associated shooting information.  It is all imbedded there.

Merrie's MoonF 5.6, 1/125 sec, ISO 200 at 277mm (Photo by Merrie)

Merrie’s Moon
F 5.6, 1/125 sec, ISO 200 at 277mm
(Photo by Merrie)

So… I asked her if I might tweak it just a bit and she gave me the OK.

Here is the first image I came up with simply by cropping it to make the moon look larger and giving it a bit of clarity and contrast in Lightroom.

Cropped image(Photo by Merrie)

Cropped image
(Photo by Merrie)

Then I thought I would take this image and change it to black and white in Lightroom, so with the click of a key… this was the result.

Cropped Image in Black & White(Photo by Merrie)

Cropped Image in Black & White
(Photo by Merrie)

And yes… we can crop it even more…

Cropped Image(Photo by Merrie)

Cropped Image
(Photo by Merrie)

So which is your favorite?

Merrie sent this response… “Wow, you made my photo look really good! I like how the black and white looks in contrast to the colored one.  Now I’m kicking myself for not getting the shot when the moon was full and Jupiter was in sight next to it just a few days earlier.  If I’d only thought of turning the porch light off at that time!”

I do apologize for not being able to show these photos in a larger size.  Word Press has been changing how images are done and there have been multiple complaints that we are not able to place a large image in our blogs now.  I hope this will be figured out in the near future so we can visualize our photos better!

If you double click on each image, you can see it in a larger size and see the craters on the moon!

Nice job Merrie!

BTW… the next full moon will be on December 28th!

Hope Santa brings y’all a tripod!


5 thoughts on “Merrie’s Moon…

  1. Merrie,

    This is beautiful. You aced it. Now you got me waiting for the full moon to give it another try.
    Thank you Lala, for the tip on how to check the settings of a picture. I was about to ask you that.

  2. Merrie,
    I like your moon and also how Fay cropped it and made it black and white. I always enjoy looking at the moon and have done with my binoculars. I have never tried shooting an image of the moon but now you have me curious to give it a shot! I have heard it can be rather difficult. Good job Merrie!

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