Autumn Challenge: Entry #6 Thistle Stop Cafe

OK… now I don’t have to tell anyone who has been following this blog that crazy woman Lorraine goes above and beyond to get her shot.  And sometimes, quite frankly, I worry about her as she has totally immersed herself in the search.  But then again, I suppose this is what it is all about.  The fervor and passion for capturing the best image you can get.  So here is her story…

“When given the challenge to shoot something “Autumn”, I thought it would be an easy challenge for me.  However, I soon discovered it wasn’t as easy as I thought. The fall colors I was going for, were not happening in this area yet.  Even my own trees, which often have beautiful fall colors, weren’t in the mood yet.

I set out on a trip to Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge near Sherman, Tx to look for fall colors a little further north.  There were some colors…but not exactly what I was seeking.  I also went to an older cemetery that had lots of older trees, and also visited a park.  I came back disappointed each time in not being able to obtain my image.  However, it was very good practice with my camera.

When the CWPC outing to the Heard came up, I had much hope that I would find my challenge image and, with Fay’s help, I did!  I was shooting at a brushy area and Fay pointed out to me this simple but beautiful plant.  She gave me some advice on perfecting the shot and off I went shooting it!  I really love the image and how it turned out. I investigated what it was.  I believe it to be a Texas Thistle that, when purple in the blooming season, attracts many butterflies.  In the fall, the plant goes to seed which supplies the much loved and needed thistle for the birds to dine on.”

Lorraine has not only found a subject, worked the subject, researched the subject, but she has also given it an intriguing title!  And I do think her example shows us all how much a title can enhance a subject.  Very clever indeed!

Thistle Stop Cafe

Thistle Stop Cafe
(Photo by Lorraine)


9 thoughts on “Autumn Challenge: Entry #6 Thistle Stop Cafe

  1. Lorraine… I am going to use a word that I really do not like but I can think of no better word to use… this photo is AWESOME! You have taken a dying thistle plant going to seed and made it a work of art! You have isolated it from the rest of the brush by using a shallow depth of field and your focus is spot on!

    Just maybe you’re not so crazy after all!

    • Fay,
      Thank you for your nice comments. You are too kind. You deserve some credit for this image since you pointed out the subject to me and gave me some pointers on taking this shot! I was quite surprised myself at how this turned out! I learned the importance of how you can make a simple, and in this case, dying plant look beautiful! Thanks again!

      • Thanks for the kind words Lorraine but this is your work of art!
        I am so inspired by your enthusiasm and the progress you have made in photography in such a short period of time.

  2. Lorraine,
    This a work of art. This is a very good picture for your gallery wall. Just like what Lala said, yes you definitely improved in such a short period of time. Now are you sure you are not a pro?
    Excellent job Lorraine. You never cease to amaze me.

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