Autumn Challenge: Entry #4 Autumn Reflections

Our next entry is by Lily and what a beauty it is with those gorgeous reflections in the water.

Autumn Reflections
(Photo by Lily)


6 thoughts on “Autumn Challenge: Entry #4 Autumn Reflections

  1. OK Lily… I have just one question. How much did you pay that guy to show up in his red boat? That is the crowning touch!

  2. Lily,
    You never cease to amaze me. Your work of art is splendid.
    The colors are so vibrant and the water is so calm and placid. The whole image signifies serenity. Very good job as always.
    Yes, how much did you pay this fella to model for you? And is that big rock for sale or free? I can just pick it up with the tractor…LOL.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Autumn colors are my favorite and I love reflections in the water too. That would be a great picture to print on canvas. Great job

  4. I saw this on your FB page and thought what a great entry for our challenge and here it is! The reflection is stunning! Where was this photo taken?

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