Autumn Challenge: Entry #3 Autumn in the Neighborhood

This next entry is by Debbie and this is what she says…

“This is a tree in my front yard.  I love to see the leaves change color every year.  Fall is my favorite time of the year.”

Autumn in the Neighborhood
(Photo by Debbie)


5 thoughts on “Autumn Challenge: Entry #3 Autumn in the Neighborhood

  1. Debbie… hope you don’t mind. I gave it that title as I didn’t remember you giving me one and felt it was appropriate because it clarifies the background in the photo.

  2. Debbie,

    Great color! What a beautiful feeling it is to wake up with all this colors in the neighborhood. Lala, that is an appropriate title indeed.

  3. Thank you Tess. I had taken a couple of other pictures but I just couldn’t decide and I always kept going back to this one because I have seen it grow and turn colors for 6 years. I have always thought it was beautiful colors in the fall and now the leaves are gone and Fay I really appreciate the title. Thank you

  4. Great tree for the autumn photo! I may have crop the house in the background out and just showed the leaves, honestly I almost did that on my oak! Great Job!!
    Hard to pick your favorite picture isn’t it!!

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