Autumn Challenge: Entry #2 Through Four Doors

Sometimes Tess has difficulty making decisions.  She will send me something and then I will get a frantic e-mail saying… “Lala, I have changed my mind!”  So this is what she had to say about the autumn challenge…

“Final answer!  This is my fall challenge.  I thought it would be so easy, but as always I was wrong.  Why is it that it’s so hard to decide?  I have been messing up with the photoshop aside from being lazy today, to try to at least finalize my picture, but I gave up.  So this is it… “Through Four Doors”.

I’m always fascinated with doors.  It is the first thing that you see when you look at a house which makes it the focal point.  There is something in it that signifies transition into something that lies beyond.   This image doesn’t have just one but, rather,  four doors that frame the horse.”

Yes… there really is a straw horse beyond the last door!

Through 4 Doors
(Photo by Tess)

10 thoughts on “Autumn Challenge: Entry #2 Through Four Doors

  1. Oh Tessie… you do give poor Lala a headache sometimes. Just when I thought I was being vigilant and catching a typo that said “horse” and I changed it to “house”, I get an e-mail back saying… “Lala, didn’t you see the HORSE?” And then on second inspection, I do indeed see a horse through the furthest door. So… horse it is! You are just full of surprises! I guess that is why you are a Crazy Woman!

  2. Very nice Tess. You always find something new in a picture. That’s why I love seeing your photos. I saw the horse too. Colors are brilliant. Good job

    • Donna,
      Thanks for the comments. After months of hanging around with Lala, I learn a lot of things and ideas. It’s amazing to remember the time that I first joined her with photo days. It seems that she is talking in an alien language, about ideas, perspectives and photography lingo. Now I’m getting the hang of it a little, and thanks Lala for everything.

      • Oh Tessie… you’re a crazy woman. I love working with all of you on photography and I am learning right along side you. Isn’t it great that we can learn from each other!

  3. Tess,
    Sounds like you just keep “horsing” around with us!! (Ha Ha). Neat perspective with looking through the multiple doors with the straw horses at the very end! Job well done!

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