Autumn Challenge: Entry #1 Autumn Oak

Autumn… that glorious time of year.  A time of transition from the stifling summer heat to cool breezes and brisk temperatures.  These are the days when leaves change color, plants go to seed or simply die away and even our food choices change in response to the season.  Pumpkins take on funny faces and we once again celebrate a change in seasons.  This is your challenge to photograph.

Our first entry will be from Donna:

“I knew I had to submit a picture of a tree, leaves and the changing season.  I shot many trees in my back yard without success.  As I was driving to work the other day I saw a tree and knew I had to come back and shoot it! I also thought to myself, I need to have my camera with me at all times, like our fearless leader!!  I like this shot because it represents the oak tree’s new beginning and the end of a season!”

Autumn Oak
(Photo by Donna)


10 thoughts on “Autumn Challenge: Entry #1 Autumn Oak

  1. Donna… there was no doubt in my mind when choosing the first photo to post in this challenge. This magestic oak tree speaks to me of autumn. The colors are vibrant and the acorns are in sharp focus drawing the eye to them. I can actually “feel” the breeze blowing through the leaves. I find this to be a most pleasing image and so very appropriate for the challenge!

  2. Donna,
    As our fearless leader or shall I say “Fayless” leader said, this picture said it all. Very good job Donna and don’t forget your camera next time…LOL.

  3. Donna,
    Beautiful!!! I like how you framed it and the acorn just completes it! I know it was kinda hard to find a colorful tree before our challenge was due. Like you, I kept trying to find a good image of one and ended up having to give up. So, not only did you do a good job of spotting this, you did a wonderful job of capturing this image as well!

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