Rockwall Rib Run BBQ

It was a chilly overcast day threatening rain when Donna and I met at the Rockwall Rib Run BBQ.  By the time we arrived in the morning, the smokers were fired up and you could smell the meat cooking and we started shooting.  Several times we were offered bits of BBQ to taste as the meat was done and awaiting judging.  What a tasty way to shoot!

Cookin’ Pot
(Photo by Lala)

Texas BBQ
(Photo by Lala)

Burning Brightly
(Photo by Lala)

Coming Up to Temperature
(Photo by Donna)

We had fun talking to some of the people who entered the BBQ  and many put a lot of money into their rigs and enter many BBQ competitions to win big cash prizes.  Larry and Julie Newberry are regulars at the cookoff and would like to welcome the Crazy Women to their BBQ place in Royse City.  We must go and have lunch there some day soon.  To read about Larry and his heartfelt donation when a tornado struck Royse City this year…

Bootleg BBQ
(Photo by Lala)

Submitting BBQ to the Judges
(Photo by Donna)

Mmmmmmm… Good!
(Photo by Donna)

(Photo by Lala)

Even the kids were having fun!

Little Piggy on a Scooter
(Photo by Lala)

OK… so I was not going to put this photo in but after Donna’s comment about her favorite picture of me and the cowboy, I decided to add it.  So here it is Donna!

Lala and the Oklahoma Cowboy
(Photo by Donna)

And a fun time was had by all!


8 thoughts on “Rockwall Rib Run BBQ

  1. Great time, just wished it wasn’t sooooo cold!!!
    Love the pic of the girl on the scooter, super good and so fun!!!!
    Ok Fay…..where is my favorite pic of you and our friend from OK???

    Debbie I’m IN!!

  2. Lala and Donna,
    It seems that the two crazies had too much fun. I love all of y’all’s pictures. I can only imagine the smell of the food. That cowboy????? picture is too much fun. Good job as always. Wish I was there.

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