The Dallas Arboretum revisited…

A few more photos from the Dallas Arboretum before we begin the next challenge.  These photos are from Debbie (a.k.a. Abstract), but no, these are not abstracts.

Flowers for you…
(Photo by Debbie)

And now on a more whimsical note, she sent this one from the Pumpkin Village…

Pumpkin Pyramid
(Photo by Debbie)

Debbie was fortunate to catch a dragonfly perched on this water lily…

Dragonfly on Water Lily
(Photo by Debbie)

Tess sent me two of her images and I thought it would be appropriate to put them in a dyptich to present them in showing her work in photoshop.


6 thoughts on “The Dallas Arboretum revisited…

  1. Tess,
    Looks like someone has been playing with photoshop again. Maybe you need a nickname like Debbie. Hmmmm…..I may need some help with this one! “Tess the Mess” is just outdated at this point! Ha Ha

  2. I like the picture of the statue Debbie, so peaceful and subtle.

    Beautiful adjustment on photoshop Tess, great picture very creative!

    I love that I have also been at the arboretum at the same place and ya’ll see different things and have different perspectives, Fay you are right such a great place to shoot and learn.

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