Working together…

The best thing about going on outings is the chance to work together to learn new techniques as we learn our camera settings.  Of course, one of the first things to learn is how our shutter speed will effect our images and to have the ability to picture in our minds how we want that image to appear.  And so it was as we stood next to the stream of water rushing over the rocks.  We took shots with a fast shutter speed and then with a slow shutter speed.

The fast shutter speed would freeze the action of the water but the slow shutter speed would give that beautiful soft, blurred flow.  Merrie got this shot and I thought it was so good because the stones and the leaf are so sharp in comparison to the rushing water and I loved to see Merrie so excited when she realized what she had captured!

When I brought this image into LR to check her settings, the shutter speed was 1/40sec, f 5.6. ISO 125 @ 70mm.

Rushing Water
(Photo by Merrie)

While we are at this same location, let’s take a look at Merrie’s other photo of a large tree near the stream.  Trees are fascinating subjects as they can be used to frame objects or they can be the center of attention.  I have also seen photos of a particular tree photographed in all four seasons and then all seasons represented in a collage type photo.  This always makes for a very interesting presentation.

A Tree by the Stream
(Photo by Merrie)

Let me give my own thoughts on this tree and then I would like to hear your thoughts.  I realize that the tree is the subject here, but I personally feel that it would have been more effective to have the tree placed to the left of the frame cutting out the palm which seems to draw my eye away from the tree and by so doing, it would block out some of the distracting people seen through the trees.  Part of the beauty of the tree is that gnarly bark.  Perhaps by stepping a few feet to the right, the tree would have blocked the people and made for a better composition.  Just my personal opinion.  So… what do you think?

Merrie also shot one of the water lilies.  I will admit, I am a sucker for water lilies.  They are fun to shoot, especially if you happen to catch one with a dragonfly or if you are able to get a reflection in the water.

Purple Water Lily
(Photo by Merrie)

As I look at this, I want to see more of the water lily and less of the pale lily pads to the upper right corner of the image.  I find them a bit distracting.  Forgive me Merrie, but I am going to take the liberty of cropping your image.  Be aware that the software that comes with your camera should have a program to crop images and it can be a very simple yet effective tool for improving your image.  The cropped photo below, I feel brings more emphasis to that gorgeous purple water lily… and we know that purple is Merrie’s very favorite color!

Purple Water Lily (cropped image)
(Photo by Merrie)

So… which do you like better?  The original image or the cropped image?  I also tweaked the image slightly in Lightroom using the clarity slider as well as the vibrance.


7 thoughts on “Working together…

  1. Purppppple, I mean Merrie,
    I love your rushing water picture. For the first time to be in the group outing, you really did a very good job.
    I like the cropped picture too.

  2. Merrie,
    Seems like cropping can make so much difference. I like the softened water flow! I have used the fast shutter speed to freeze water but I have never tried the slower SP to soften it. Now you have me anxious to try it! Good image!

  3. Great shots Merrie, I love how you have a close up of the water and a pic of the beautiful tree in front of the falls, nice work!
    I also think that you learn a ton from shooting together! Two minds….

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