Don’t do that!

How many times have we read the do’s and don’t’s of photography?  And many times they have to do with looking at the whole picture and realizing that what is in the background may be just as important as what is in the foreground.  And now with telephoto lenses, they have a way of compressing foreground and background.

We’re all aware of not shooting Uncle Henry with a tree growing out of his head or shooting a profile shot of little Jimmy in the garden with someone in the background using a hose.  And sometimes when in the process of shooting, we forget these basics and when it happens it can create a bit of laughter.

So if you happen to shoot one of these boo-boo’s… just run with it!  Photography is fun and sometimes the rules need to be thrown out the window!

Such was my experience when shooting “Mesquite Meander”.  This was the second year that I have shot this presentation.  It takes place in a Mesquite cemetery and the local theater actors dress-up as the locals who have died.  Much historic research goes into this presentation and each actor stands at that person’s gravesite in period costume and tells the story of the deceased.  It is very moving with both funny as well as poignant moments.

This photo was taken at the beginning of the evening as our docent lead us into the graveyard to hear these stories.  I quickly snapped a photo of her and it was not until I put it on the computer that I realized my boo-boo.  And it was just begging for a caption…

“Beware of Woman Carrying a Big Stick”
(Photo by Lala)

Now that’s a CRAZY woman!


4 thoughts on “Don’t do that!

    • She was actually carrying a lantern in her right hand but unfortunately I missed that and got the “big stick” instead!

  1. This is so funny, I did not see the lantern until I read your post! I only saw the big stick!! Funny! This sound like a fun outing, I wanna go next time!! 🙂

  2. Fay,
    How funny! I would love to attend this. A unique setting to take photos and I think I would find it real interesting. I just wouldn’t want to run into that “lady with the big stick”!

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