Variety… the Spice of Life

If you think that all the crazy women do is photograph each other… you are wrong.  But I will admit we have fun doing it.

The reason we love shooting at the Dallas Arboretum is because of the variety of things to shoot in a beautiful venue and in the process we get some exercise.  Gina arrived to the garden just a little before lunch and then we found a shady table and sat down to enjoy some bratwurst, sauerkraut, German potato salad and for some of us… a beer.  More laughter as we shared stories… and yes, some of these will be told in our book of our adventures together.

The Crazy Women Break for Lunch
(Photo by Tess with her magic clicker!)

The 50,000 pumpkins and squash in the pumpkin village were amazing.  If you have never been to this annual extravaganza, it is a must see and delightful for the children!

The Pumpkin Village
(Photo by Lala)

Family Portrait
(Photo by Lala)

Eeeeeeek! Snake
(Photo by Tess)

Prairie Grass
(Photo by Lala)

Hiding in Plain Sight
(Photo by Lala)

That’s funny… I don’t remember seeing dogs at the arboretum!

I wonder if Tessie has been up to no good again?  Very suspicious imo!

Dogs at the Arboretum?
(Photo by Tess, the mess!)


5 thoughts on “Variety… the Spice of Life

  1. Lala,
    You frog picture looks so tack-sharp, I love it. How did you ever get that close wherein we used the same EF200 lens? It must be my height? LOL.

  2. Great shots! The snake scared me!! And the frog is wonderful!!
    Lunch shot is nice, love all the matching T’s!!!
    CWPC at its best, surrounded by cameras!!

  3. Love the photos of all the pumpkins and creatures..yes, even the snake….ya’ll are truely an inspiration and I wish I had time to join you for some fun and photos…mainly the fun. Keep up the good shooting!
    Sheila Schindler

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