Now that we have completed our abstract challenge I will post some photos that the crazy women have been taking on their outings.  So as  I am trying to post some photos, I keep getting interrupted by Tess wanting to talk about deer’s Adam’s apples.  Yeah… makes no sense to me either but she has become obsessed with this and I’m sure we will be enlightened at a later date as to what this is all about.

The crazy women went to the arboretum to see the pumpkin village as well as the Chihuly glass sculpture exhibit.  Debbie, Merrie, Tess and I went.  Gina was late arriving as she had worked late the night before but met us there a little before lunch.  By then the crowd was picking up but we did manage to find a nice table in the shade for lunch mid day and then continued to shoot until mid afternoon.

Needless to say there were lots of pumpkins and I made a suggestion to Tess, knowing that she likes to play around with photoshop, to try to put eyes, nose and mouth on a pumpkin.  You do not have to tell that crazy woman anything more than once and she is on it and this time she is dragging poor Gina along with her.  It wasn’t until several days later that I got this photo e-mailed to me and broke up laughing.  Great job Tess and Gina… what can I say?  I sure hope she paid you $50 Gina for your modeling fee!

Gina the Punkinhead
Photo by Tess

In the morning when we arrived it was cloudy and perfect light for shooting pumpkins.  We checked our ISO and got off automatic and were shooting in aperture priority.  Now this was really the first time Merrie had done all of this with the club and at first was a bit hesitant so we looked over settings together and then she started shooting.  She seemed a bit shy about it at first but it didn’t take her long and she was on a roll and having fun!  She actually got a bit crazy too as this photo will attest.

Merrie Merrie Punkinhead
(Photo by Fay)

Tess was a trooper and brought along her tripod so we could get a group shot.  She has this great little clicker remote to trigger the camera so you don’t have to set the timer and then run to get in the picture and it works like a charm.  I just got one and she taught me how to use it.  And might I add… this is the great thing about this club.  We can all help to teach each other and that makes it extra fun.  Once you have the basics, you can branch out in so many directions.  So she got the shot and I had to take a look to see what she got…

Got it!
Photo by Fay of the Photo by Tess of the Crazy Women

Tess, Donna, Merrie, and Fay
(Photo by Tess)

6 thoughts on “Punkinhead!

  1. What great fun this CWPC club is, I love to see what I missed and of course by the photos another CraZy Time had by all! Merrrie fits in nicely!! And Tess that Punkinhead, how wild, you sure are busy with that Photoshop, be careful what you ask for Lala!! Love the pic of all four of you, the camera shot is genius Lala, I hope to think out of the box like that some day!!

  2. You’re right Donna… I better think before I open my mouth when Tessie is around. And yes… Merrie fit in very well!
    The fun thing about going out to shoot together is that even though we are in the same place, we all see things differently. How many times have I said to myself… why didn’t I see that? There will be more examples coming up of the arboretum outing and I also want to include some of our BBQ Cookoff too!

  3. Cute pictures…hate to have missed this outing…my first thought on the group shot..Fay..it looks like you have a “male sex organ” coming out from your shoulder…just sayin’

    • Yes Lala, I’m with Vickie, that’s a big one, seems like it’s steroids. Good eye Vickie.
      Be very careful what you ask for Lala, I’m just a follower an I follow orders without hesitation.
      To Donna and Vickie, you sure missed the fun. Hope you can join us next time.

    • Now I know why you are “crazy” women!
      Vickie… you need to get out more! You obviously have way too much stress in your life.

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