The Answer to Abstract #4… Dare

OK, as we complete our abstract challenge, I know you are all wanting to see the answer to Tess’s challenge of Dare, and this is what she says…

“This was taken in a rest area at Wasta, South Dakota. This small town has the population of 80. It’s a concrete teepee!”

Now I don’t know why you crazy women didn’t guess that!  What seems to be the problem?  The first thing to pop into your mind should have been a concrete teepee.  Now I can understand you not figuring out where it was located.  And it is a very small town.

So Tess gets to keep her $50.  Better luck next time!

And here are the photos she included of the teepee…

Concrete Teepee
Photo by Tess

Abstract Image Prior to Photoshop
Photo by Tess


9 thoughts on “The Answer to Abstract #4… Dare

  1. Tess,
    Wow! Also a great image before photoshop!!! I know what I am going to say may be hard to believe….but its the honest truth! Mike saw your image of the Amish couple at Mt. Rushmore and knew you had been to South Dakota. When he studied your image he thought maybe it could be a teepee and googled teepee frames and tourist attractions in South Dakota. He didn’t find any tourist attractions like that so gave up and went with the parking lot light idea. Fun challenge Tess!!!!!!

  2. Wow Lorraine, that was such a good guess from Mike. If it was taken from a very popular area, I would have been $50 poorer. Good that it was in a very small town. Nice guess Mike.

    • Ha ha ha, that’s too funny.
      Sorry Mike but thanks so much for trying so hard. And to all who have tried to guess thank you so much.

    • Thanks for the support Dick. But, even had my google image search worked, I still wouldn’t have known exactly which rest stop to name. Oh well…. It was still fun playing Tess’s carnival game.

  3. There is a conspiracy alright! But it’s between Tess and Photoshop and designed to confuse us. I DARE you to try it again! Ha!

  4. Hey Tess I am with Lorraine, I like the abstract image of the teepee before the photoshop, if it was me I wouldn’t have even thought to change it!! Good job!
    Your challenge was so much fun!!
    Mike I’ll give you a high five!

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